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Ctech Work Tech May Binsto וידאו

WalkMe shares the value of their RefreshMe program for employees

20.05.22|James Spiro
The digital adoption platform offers its workers an additional five days off - no questions asked - to recharge their batteries
Shoham Levy

Why startups find it difficult to recruit talent without a strong employer brand

20.04.22|Shoham Levy
“For the foreseeable future, the biggest challenge for all stage companies will be recruiting talented employees,” writes Shoham Levy, CEO of Creativity Value
Tracy Werner Cognyte 20

“The most important thing in the employer branding strategy is that the employees need to feel like they own it.”

Tracy Werner, head of communications and employer brand at Cognyte says employer branding is about how employees and potential employees perceive the organization and the value they see in it.
Rani Argov Deloitte Digital  Maayan Froind Awesome

Israel’s next frontier: international branding

11.08.21|James Spiro
Move over, fintech. Deloitte’s purchase of Israel-based Awesome shows how Israel is ready to tackle the creative needs of international players
Leora Golomb

What is "Employer Branding" really all about?

25.04.21| Leora Golomb
When the process is well thought and carried out in full cooperation with all the relevant stakeholders, management and employees alike, then this question is very much answerable, writes Leora Golomb
Udi Ben Senior Binah.AI

“We were happy to roll with the punches” during Covid-19, states Binah.ai

It’s not easy building an established and professional team during Covid-19. Here’s how Binah.ai is doing it
Nitsan Roth Lightricks

For Lightricks, attracting talent means taking them away from the Tel Aviv bubble

Now that offices are opening up again, the Jerusalem-based company had to find ways to convince employees to travel the distance
Sivan Geva Intuit

Intuit Israel: “We are at times referred to as the best-kept secret in the tech industry”

Intuit serves more than 50 million people and has 11,000 global employees, and yet Israelis probably haven’t heard of them. So how do they attract local talent?
Shachar Orren EX.CO

How did EX.CO reinvent itself during Covid-19?

EX.CO thought it would be hard enough to attract top talent after a rebrand. Then came the pandemic, too
Gav Martell SkyX

Diverse companies must consider language and culture, says SkyX

Covid-19 has allowed companies to hire from anywhere, but they mustn’t lose track of diversity
Hibob Ido Stern

HiBob doesn’t wait for open positions before attracting talent, even during Covid-19

Even though new employees couldn’t get the full scope of the office culture, it didn’t stop HiBob from keeping its eyes open for new talent that came its way
Daniel Saat Appleseeds

At Appleseeds, “the best talent takes on the hardest challenges”

While it can’t offer the same salaries as Israel’s high tech sector, the online academy fosters a ‘laboratory’ of people helping bridge technological gaps across the country
אריאל אוטניק Ariel Utnik Verbit

Verbit: Our “family” shares the core value of helping others

For the transcription and captioning solution, its employees are united by the thrill of helping people from a variety of institutions
Chen Guter Lusha

How Lusha aims to be the ‘love brand’ of B2B companies

B2B companies face an uphill battle in attracting talent away from global or consumer-facing organizations. This meant Lusha had to think outside the box
עדן בן שמעון Eden Ben Simon IVTech

Hiring people is like ‘expanding our family’, says IVTech

For the software development company, employer branding goes way beyond the search for the perfect CV
: Aviel Gendler WeissBeerger

Employer branding “combines storytelling with the employee's needs,” says WeissBeerger

To help them attract their team of data scientists and product experts, WeissBeerger employed the help of employing branding expert Raz Mitzna
Lior Eldan COO CoFounder Moburst

Remote working opened our talent pool to Israelis across the country, says Moburst

To help attract Israeli top talent, Moburst knew it could reach the entire country instead of just the Tel Aviv bubble
Nili Gur Salesforce

Salesforce shares its four core values for its employer branding culture

When discussing employer branding, Salesforce’s Nili Gur discusses the key aspects that help attract Israeli talent to the global workforce
Boss Tech

How did the tech giants help their Israeli employees during Covid-19?

27.10.20|James Spiro
After Dun & Bradstreet revealed its ‘50 best high-tech companies to work for’, we examine the steps they took that helped - or hindered - their ranking.
Citi Amit Baruch

For Citi, attracting top talent meant disrupting its traditional business focus

Amit Baruch, who heads Citi’s Innovation Lab in Israel, talks to CTech about how the company pivoted from conventional banking to become a modern-day Fintech supporter