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Top 5 biggest M&As of Israeli companies in 2024

Run:ai, Priority Software, Resident, BioCatch, and WalkMe all had large exits this year when acquired by other companies 
מטה סאפ SAP ולדורף גרמניה

Employee concerns, investor pressure, and security woes: WalkMe's exit is no celebration

06.06.24|Sophie Shulman
The enterprise digitization solutions company is being acquired by the German giant SAP for $1.5 billion, far below its 2021 IPO value. After the completion of the transaction, it is uncertain if SAP will maintain WalkMe's inflated workforce of 1,000 employees
נציגי ווקמי במעמד פתיחת המסחר במניה אתמול בנאסד"ק

SAP acquiring digital adoption platform WalkMe for $1.5 billion

05.06.24|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli company was valued at less than $880 million on Tuesday, meaning the offer of $14 per share represents a 45% premium 
Ofir WalkMe

WalkMe appoints Ofir Hatsor as Senior Vice President of EMEA Sales

13.11.23|James Spiro
“We are excited to welcome Ofir to our regional leadership bench and look forward to continuing to deliver business value in these key regions,” said CEO and Co-founder Dan Adika.
Sharon Bernstein WalkMe

“The team spirit of the people in Israel gives me hope and pride.”

25.10.23|James Spiro
WalkMe has taken several steps to help its employees process the events of 7/10.
נציגי ווקמי במעמד פתיחת המסחר במניה אתמול בנאסד"ק

WalkMe axes another 112 employees, reducing workforce by a further 10%

19.04.23|Sophie Shulman
This is the company’s second round of layoffs in 2023 after parting ways with 43 employees in January
נציגי ווקמי במעמד פתיחת המסחר במניה אתמול בנאסד"ק

WalkMe lays off 43 employees, 3% of workforce

08.01.23|Meir Orbach
The software company, which went public on Nasdaq at a $2.5 billion valuation in June 2021, said it is cutting jobs as part of its strategic focus on enterprises
Ctech Work Tech May Binsto וידאו

WalkMe shares the value of their RefreshMe program for employees

20.05.22|James Spiro
The digital adoption platform offers its workers an additional five days off - no questions asked - to recharge their batteries
הפגנה בקייב

Israeli tech companies are bracing for Ukrainian crisis escalation

15.02.22|Maayan Manela
Numerous Israeli companies have R&D centers in Ukraine and some are already relocating employees due to the fear from a potential Russian invasion
חגיגת פתיחת מסחר Monday.com מאנדיי ב נסאדק

Meet the newest Israeli companies trading on the NYSE and Nasdaq

01.07.21|James Spiro
It’s been an explosive few months for Israeli tech on the world’s stage - let’s take a look at some of the freshest faces
נציגי ווקמי במעמד פתיחת המסחר במניה אתמול בנאסד"ק

Israeli companies on Wall Street reach historic $300 billion market cap landmark

17.06.21|Sophie Shulman
WalkMe became the 85th Israeli company to currently be traded on Nasdaq and NYSE. The market cap of blue-and-white companies on Wall Street has surged by $100 billion since the start of the year
רפי סווירי מייסד ונשיא WalkMe ועידת Mind The Tech

WalkMe hits Nasdaq at $2.5 billion valuation

16.06.21|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli software company raised $286 million and will begin trading in New York today
רפי סווירי מייסד ונשיא WalkMe ועידת Mind The Tech

WalkMe files for Nasdaq IPO, reveals $157 million annual revenue

18.05.21|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli website navigation company is believed to be targeting a $4 billion valuation
Idan Yalovich Co-Founder and CEO at Zest

Israel’s WalkMe completes acquisition of AI enterprise search company Zest

The acquisition aims to increase the capabilities of WalkMe’s Workstation ahead of the company’s planned IPO later this year
חיסון קורונה מתחסן צעיר

Which Israeli company is embarking on a $4 billion Nasdaq IPO and what have VCs learned from Covid-19?

CTech Daily Roundup: Survey finds majority of Israelis aren’t worried about sharing vaccine data with drug companies
רפי סווירי מייסד ונשיא WalkMe ועידת Mind The Tech

WalkMe prepares to go public at a $4 billion valuation

04.02.21|Golan Hazani
Unlike a slew of other Israeli companies who have chosen to merge with a SPAC, WalkMe has chosen to enter Wall Street through the front door
Scaleup Nation

Report: Israel sits comfortably among Scaleup Nations, known for their resiliency in tough times

03.02.21|James Spiro
According to a report by Wakefield Research on behalf of Insight Partners, it’s the scaleups - not the startups - that require our attention this year
רפי סווירי מייסד ונשיא WalkMe ועידת Mind The Tech

“Some companies had to totally reinvent themselves amid the pandemic,” says WalkMe founder

09.12.20|Elihay Vidal
Rafael Sweary said he’s concerned about the long-term economic impact of Covid-19, but remains optimistic, saying “we’ve overcome far worse”
מאנדי Monday Monday.com

Monday.com, Innoviz, WalkMe Most Popular on Israeli Stock Option Marketplace EquityBee

12.12.19|Adi Pick
EquityBee develops a marketplace where startup employees can find investors to help them exercise their stock options
ועידת MIND THE DATA רפי סווירי מייסד משותף ונשיא Walkme

Website Usability Company WalkMe Raises $90 Million

09.12.19|Adi Pick
WalkMe adds a layer of on-screen guidance prompts on top of existing websites, helping users navigate through web pages