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Aviv Xtend United

With its drone technology, startup Xtend plays a crucial role in the ongoing war

14.12.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
Xtend CEO Aviv Shapira gives insights into how their team has dedicated 100% of their efforts to partnership with the IDF
Alon Mavens United

mavens and Zynga step up for employees and the broader public

11.12.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
Leading with empathy, Zynga and mavens have developed several initiatives to ensure the mental well-being of their employees and the long-term well-being of the victims directly affected by the ongoing war
Jack Tato Bigio UBQ Materials United

UBQ Materials: Unyielding spirit in the face of devastating loss

29.11.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
The climate tech company lost two of its team members to the Hamas massacre. This is their story of resilience and the fighting spirit that characterizes our nation.
Shani Zanescu Children's Fund United

Children’s Fund: Investing in the future of our young victims

27.11.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abida
Investors and entrepreneurs have banded together to do all in their power to ensure the young victims in our nation have the opportunity to lead exceptional lives.
Edouard Cukierman Catalyst Investments United

Edouard Cukierman’s multifaceted impact on Israel during wartime

26.11.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
With his work as a spokesperson, his support of non-profits, and continuing to invest in high-tech with Catalyst Investment, Edouard is a driving force in our nation during this critical time
Dov Moran United

Dov Moran, a voice of optimistic resilience

22.11.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
Managing Partner of Grove Ventures, Dov Moran provides his insights on our tech ecosystems' road to recovery and our nation's ability to move forward
Yael Like4Israel United

Like4Israel: Championing Israel supporters on the global stage

21.11.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
In this dark time, Yael Turok’s initiative has emerged as a beacon of positivity
Guy Fusion United

Guy Katsovich continues to invest in our Startup Nation on multiple fronts

19.11.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
From establishing a High Tech Operations Room, supporting their pre-seed founders, and serving in milium, Guy and his team personify ‘no matter what’
Talia Khan MIT Israel Alliance United

MIT Israel Alliance fights for the safety of Jewish students on campus

16.11.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
Talia Khan tells of the rampant antisemitism in their prestigious campus and how a group of students have banded together to combat the anti-Israel bias
InNegev United

InNegev is looking out for our Startup Nation’s ‘Day After’

14.11.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
InNegev’s initiative aims to aggregate and address those challenges faced by early-stage startups to ensure this war does not have long-term effects on our ecosystem
Gideon Tikkum Olam

Tikkun Olam Makers: Building solutions and bridges for our future

13.11.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
Gidi Grinstein and his team are deploying cutting-edge methodologies to create and distribute solutions for those wounded and with disabilities, all while maintaining a sense of hope for peace.
Heller Trullion United

Startup Resilience: Trullion leans on their values in times of adversity

12.11.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
Isaac Heller walks us through the amazing initiatives of his employees and his sturdy belief in the resilience of our tech community
Ofer Talon United

Talon: A beacon of resilience and recovery

08.11.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
Talon has spared no effort to aid its customers, employees, and the broader community in this time of need.
Rachel Glaser United

Tech PR community fills the vacuum

07.11.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
Rachel Glaser tells of how her fellow PR professionals united to ensure journalists had what they needed to tell our story as accurately as possible
M United

'M': An ambassador of Shayetet 13 with a unique special mission

06.11.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
An ambassador of his unit and the people of Israel, a person known as 'M', like so many of us in this critical time, is rising to the occasion to defend his unit and safeguard his nation.
Gal Hitech4Israel United

Hitech4Israel: A Startup Nation’s Call to Action

02.11.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
Israeli tech enthusiasts unite in service of the state and its citizens to provide the necessary equipment and assistance rapidly, urgently, and efficiently.
Alexandra Segev United

Standing Behind Our People: Concrete and immediate aid

01.11.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
“We are a product of the Startup Nation,” says Alexandra Segev of the non-profit
Rafi United Cyabra

Cyabra: On the frontlines of disinformation

31.10.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
The company discovered over 40,000 fake pro-Hamas accounts across all main social media platforms, many of which had been created over a year in advance.
Neta Meidav United Tech4Israel

Tech4Israel: Mobilizing global capital for Israel’s pressing needs

30.10.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
"Our society has demonstrated in the last two weeks how we yet again rise from the rubble, and we do that as one people."
Mike Bailey United

Appleseeds: Personal Tragedy and Profound Impact

29.10.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
How a dedicated team mobilized for change and harnessed its resources for the benefit of the people they have served diligently for many years.