Mind the Tech London 2022 party

Mind the Tech London 2022
Teddy Sagi: "This conference leverages relations between Israel and the UK. There is no substitute for human interaction"

Sagi made the remarks at the festive opening ceremony of Calcalist's Mind the Tech conference, which returns to London for the first time in three years. The event was attended by 500 British and Israeli entrepreneurs, investors and senior executives

After a three year absence due to the pandemic, Calcalist returned to London for the traditional Mind the Tech London 2022 conference, in collaboration with Bank Leumi and LabTech.
The festive opening night that took place at Labs Camden Market on Tuesday was attended by 500 British and Israeli entrepreneurs, investors and senior executives. As every year, the conference will focus on innovation, technology and business ties between the UK and Israel.
Entrepreneurs, investors, opinion leaders and trend setters who made their home in the UK will take part in the conference today, with the UK's new journey following Brexit and the slow recovery efforts from the unending pandemic hovering in the background. At the heart of the conference will be the changing future of the world, whether due to Brexit or the pandemic, with the uncertainty creating new opportunities to imagine the future of entire sectors - the future of money, transportation, work or gaming.
"What fun to see you all, what fun to return to the Calcalist conference in London,” entrepreneur and businessman Teddy Sagi said at the opening event. “It’s amazing that three years have passed since the previous conference. During those years we spent a lot of hours Zooming in and communicating via FaceTime. The truth is that there is no real substitute for actual human interactions. This conference. which has become a tradition, leverages the relations between Israel and Britain, the excellent people who have gathered here continue to work so these collaborations can take place. I am pleased to present a new project - Camden Market Hawley Wharf, one of the largest renewal projects in the world, 50 dunams of residential, culinary and shopping. 150 commercial complexes, 60 food and drink complexes, 200 housing units of various sizes, and also Babylon - a huge indoor amusement park. The complex will add about 1,000 on-site jobs.”

"We recently unveiled Pay.com,” Sagi said, “an automation-based payment solution, and this year we'll already clear $4 billion worth of deals. Once they asked what the next Google would be, today they ask me what the next big fintech will be. Our doors are open to ideas. This is undoubtedly the future of us all. I would like to thank Calcalist Publisher Yoel Esteron and wish a fruitful and successful conference to all."
Also delivering greetings at the event was Rajesh Agrawall, Deputy Mayor of London, who called for further strengthening of the relations between the two countries: "I want to thank Teddy Sagi, he did a wonderful job with Camden Market," Agrawall said. "London and Israel are so close, but there is a lot to do together. Why come to London? London is like New York, Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco combined - financially, politically, creatively and technologically. We welcome you here, and hope for continued cooperation with Israeli entrepreneurs."