Barzel Media founder Brian Spivak with actress Emmanuelle Chriqui and Israeli Youtuber Ashley Waxman Bakshi

Barzel Media launches to connect pro-Israel brands with like-minded influencers

The influencer marketing agency helps connect Jewish and Israeli organizations that have faced backlash or boycotts for their support of Israel during the war.

Jewish and Israeli organizations and influencers that have faced backlash for their support of Israel following the October 7 Hamas attack can now turn to a new influencer marketing agency dedicated to helping them maintain their revenues. Barzel Media has launched to help forge connections between like-minded partners who may have lost out on opportunities due to voicing their opinions during the Israel-Hamas war.
Hundreds of online influencers were dropped by agencies and brands for making statements in support of Israel or for calling for the release of the hundreds of hostages still held captive by Hamas. It has left many Israel-supporting influencers struggling financially with many international brands refusing to work with them at risk of getting bombarded by boycotts from pro-Palestinian groups or being connected to the controversial topic entirely.
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Brian Barzel Media
Brian Barzel Media
Barzel Media founder Brian Spivak with actress Emmanuelle Chriqui and Israeli Youtuber Ashley Waxman Bakshi
(Photo: Adam Courtney)
The result has caused Jewish-owned businesses or brands to either withhold their support for Israel publicly or risk losing revenue streams or connections. Barzel Media aims to counteract boycotts by fostering connections between brands and influencers who share similar values regarding Israel and the conflict in Gaza.
“Creators should never have to choose between their careers and standing up for Israel,” said Brian Spivak, Founder and CEO of Barzel Media. “Volunteering at the Influencer Division of the Hostage Families Forum here in Tel Aviv, I met with hundreds of content creators who saw deals canceled because of their outspoken support for the hostages and Israel. Therefore, I decided to create Barzel Media to ensure that the brands and influencers putting themselves on the front lines of social media to defend Israel will always have the support they need to prosper.”
Since October influencers have been at risk of losing support from companies that may seek to walk a more ‘diplomatic’ line in the discourse surrounding the war. Famously, major brands like Starbucks and McDonald’s have faced large boycotts in Southeast Asia due to their support of Israel. Recently, this has expanded to cosmetics companies L’Oreal and The Body Shop, with countries like Indonesia seeking Chinese or local alternatives.
In January 2024, fans of the popular Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’ called for a boycott of the new season after accusing Jewish actor Noah Schnapp of being a “lurid Zionist” by posting a pro-Israel video on X. Activists in Europe’s most pro-Palestinian nation Ireland are calling for a boycott of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest due to Israel’s participation.
"When I was dropped from my TV hosting job and a brand deal following my support for Israel, I was completely devastated,” said Bianca Jade, an influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers. “As a creator who’s always stood for humanitarian, racial, and social justice causes, I felt the need to lend my influence to the victims of Oct. 7th. And yet, despite breaking sales records for these brands, when I raised my voice for the hostages and hostage families, they immediately dropped me and I lost all my income.”
Barzel Media invites all interested brands and influencers to connect via its platform to ensure pro-Israel voices are supported.