The AI Media War Room reveals new tool to tackle media bias against Israel was developed by Propel AI to help identify and expose biased articles against Israel in the mainstream media

Those stuck doom-scrolling past BBC News articles or Sky News Posts on X have a new tool at their disposal: IsraelTruth, powered by The AI Media War Room, is a new tool developed by media intelligence company Propel AI that helps expose bias against Israel in mainstream media outlets.
The AI Media War Room offers real-time bias monitoring, in-depth analytics, personalized AI Posts for X and emails, and effective reporting. As articles across global media are published, the system classifies them in real-time and gives users a live snapshot of the volume of biased vs. non-biased press. Then, users can track media coverage patterns over specific durations and identify surges in biased content after major incidents. Its dashboard allows users to tailor and schedule reports in multiple formats, ensuring stakeholders remain updated.
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(Photo: Propel)
"Israel gets treated very unfairly in the global media. Fixing that is critical, which is why we've been working around the clock since the October 7 terror attack to leverage our technology and know-how toward this effort,” said Propel co-founder and CEO Zach Cutler. “We are honored to have been able to create the first AI system dedicated to fighting anti-Israel bias in the media and enable PR pros to quickly identify threats and protect their organizations’ reputations.”
The media monitoring suite uses generative AI technology and a public relations management system available free of charge during the war to various governmental and NGO customers. A commercial option is available to brands interested in managing their reputation and immediately responding to unfair or negative coverage.
One of the most catastrophic examples of media bias in the ongoing war was the coverage following the accidental bombing of the al-Ahli Arab Hospital by Hamas in Gaza City. The terror group had released an official statement under the guise of a ‘Palestinian Health Ministry’ blaming the resulting damage on an Israeli airstrike and prominent outlets such as BBC News, The New York Times, and others dutifully repeated a lie that 800 civilians had been killed and the building destroyed.
None of the initial facts were correct or confirmed before outlets rushed to publish. By the time the IDF had proven its non-involvement, a New York Times app alert had been pushed and an email had been sent out to hundreds of thousands of people. Several posts on social media were seen by millions.

It’s not just basic facts and two-source verification that these outlets get wrong. As social media footage circulated that hundreds of predominantly Muslim pro-Palestinians were storming the main airport in Russia’s Dagestan region asking “where the Jews are”, Sky News simply referred to it as an ‘Anti-Israel protest’, severely downplaying both the intentions of the perpetrators and the danger of the victims by omitting context relevant to the story.
The BBC has also come under intense scrutiny for refusing to label Hamas as a terror organization, despite being labeled as one by the British government.
“Israel has always had challenges in getting fair press coverage. The Propel AI Media War Room and fill a critical need in combating bias against Israel, and likewise bring value to any organization looking to manage its reputation smartly,” added Propel board member and NFX general partner Gigi Levy-Weiss.