Advanced Manufacturing

New NIS 4 million program to promote research collaborations between manufacturers and academic institutions

The Israel Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Economy and Industry are behind the new program

The productivity of Israel’s industry is lower than the OECD average. This disparity makes it difficult for the local industry to compete globally and maintain a high standard of innovation in products and manufacturing processes – which is vital in maintaining relevance in global markets.
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Advanced Manufacturing
Advanced Manufacturing
Advanced Manufacturing
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This issue has led the Israel Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Economy and Industry to launch a new program to encourage research collaborations between manufacturing companies and academic institutions, at a total investment of NIS 4 million (approximately $1.2 million).
Despite the great potential latent in research collaborations between manufacturers and academic institutions, a recent study found that this potential is largely untapped. Few manufacturing-oriented companies in Israel conduct such collaborations, especially non-tech-oriented manufacturing companies, which struggle to bridge the many gaps that inhibit good connections with academic research institutions.
The program will enable manufacturing-oriented companies to commission research from Israel’s leading research institutions, allowing local industry to apply groundbreaking knowledge to their products and manufacturing processes, move to the forefront of industrial innovation and attain leadership status in global markets.
Dr. Ron Malka, director general of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, said: “Applying pioneering innovation to the local manufacturing industry is necessary to ensure improved productivity and continued growth of local industry while creating high-quality employment opportunities with high salaries. Facilitating collaborations with academia has high potential for improving the level of innovation in the manufacturing industry.”
Dror Bin, CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority said: “We place utmost importance on encouraging the manufacturing industry to use R&D of technological innovation based on new knowledge developed in Israeli academia and adapted for the industry’s needs. This in turn will allow this industry to compete in the global market in a qualitative and cost-effective manner with an original value proposition.”
First published: 15:15, 31.08.22