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Who made the top 10 of Israel's 50 most promising startups list?

CTech's AI-native show reveals which companies rounded out the top 10 of the prestigious list

2024 has been one of the most challenging years in the history of the State of Israel. However, despite the October 7th terror attack, security threats, internal political disputes, and the global wave of anti-Semitism - the high-tech sector has continued to lead the Israeli economy and be a beacon of achievement, innovation, and excellence.
And so, as every year, Calcalist and CTech present the list of the 50 Most Promising Startups for 2024.
From Agrotech to Transportation and AI - here are the most promising startups ranked from 6 to 10 on our list.
6. FundGuard
Sector: AI-based cloud | Established: 2018 | Founders: Lior Yogev, Yaniv Zecharya, and Uri Katz | Employees: 120 in Israel, Great Britain, Canada, and the USA | Funding: $150 million from Key1 Capital, Euclidean Capital, Hamilton Lane, Blumberg Capital, Team8, Citi, State Street
7. NoTraffic
Sector: Transportation | Established: 2017 | Founders: Tal Kreisler, Uriel Katz, and Or Sela | Employees: 110 (70 in Israel, remainder in the USA) | Funding: $75 million from Grove Ventures, VNV Global, UMC Capital, Vektor Partners, Next Gear Ventures, North First Ventures, Meitav Investment House, and TMG
8. Robust Intelligence
Sector: AI | Established: 2019 | Founders: Yaron Singer, Kojin Oshiba | Employees: 65 in the U.S., Japan, and Israel | Funding: $34 million from Tiger Global and Sequoia
9. Darrow
Sector: Legal Tech | Established: 2020 | Founders: Evyatar Ben Artzi, Gila Hayat, Elad Spiegelman | Employees: 110 | Funding: $59 million from Georgian, F2, Entrée Capital, and NFX
10. Bluewhite
Sector: Agrotech | Established: 2017 | Founders: Ben Alfi, Yair Shahar, and Aviram Shmueli | Employees: 150 (in Israel and the USA) | Funding: $89 million from Insight Partners, Entrée Capital, Clal Insurance, Allied Investments, Regah Ventures, Peregrine Ventures, and Jesselson
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