American-made 155 mm cannon.

US increasing military aid to Israel, including ammunition and guided missiles

Internal documents from the US Department of Defense obtained by Bloomberg reveal the list of weapons that Israel is requesting in addition to Iron Dome interceptors, including Hellfire missiles for Apache helicopters, bombs to destroy bunkers and armored vehicles.

The Pentagon is increasing its military aid to Israel, which includes, at the country's request, additional guided missiles for Apache helicopters, 155mm cannons, night vision equipment, bunker-busting bombs and armored vehicles, according to a report by Bloomberg based on an internal list from the U.S. Department of Defense. This list of weaponry is in addition to the Iron Dome interceptors and smart bombs that the U.S. has continued to supply to Israel despite recent changes in the Biden administration's tone, cautioning Israel to limit civilian casualties in Gaza.
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תותח 155 מ"מ M109 מלחמת עזה נשק אמריקאי
תותח 155 מ"מ M109 מלחמת עזה נשק אמריקאי
American-made 155 mm cannon.
(צילום: Aris Messinis/AFP)
The documents state that the request for weapons and equipment was made by a "senior figure in the Israeli leadership" and dates to the end of October. According to the report, some of the ammunition has already been shipped to Israel, and the Defense Ministry is working to send more from reserves in the US and Europe. For example, by the end of October, 36,000 30mm cannon shells, 1,800 bunker-busting bombs, and approximately 3,500 night-vision devices were supplied to Israel according to their requests.
A Pentagon spokesperson declined to comment on specific details, but a statement from the Department of Defense said that they are "utilizing various channels—from internal stockpiles to the American industry—to ensure that Israel has the means to defend itself." They added that this security assistance "continues to arrive almost daily," and the US is rapidly providing all of the requested weaponry in addition to Iron Dome missiles and medical equipment.
According to the report, the ammunition for the Apache helicopters includes about 2,000 Hellfire guided missiles produced by Lockheed Martin, some of which were transferred to Israel from storage facilities in Germany and South Korea. Michael Eisenstadt, director of The Washington Institute’s Military and Security Studies Program, estimates that the Israeli Air Force uses Hellfire missiles against vehicles or bunkers used by Hamas. "It’s possible that they’re using Hellfire to eliminate senior officials when the order comes," he said.
Bloomberg reported that Israel has requested over 57,000 155mm cannons, 20,000 guns, 5,000 night-vision devices, 3,000 grenades for exploding bunkers, 400 120mm cannons, and 75 of the new tactical military vehicles replacing the Hummers in the US military. According to the documents, the US also sent its stockpile of 312 Iron dome interceptors and two Iron Dome batteries to Israel. The arms shipments include the return of 155mm cannons after 57,000 were sent from US stockpiles in Israel to Europe for Ukraine.