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Liran Antebi INSS

"The problem is not with the weapon, it is with the AI"

25.08.22|James Spiro
Our fear of drones that carry out attacks is misguided- the real danger is the technology that runs them, explains Liran Antebi, Research Fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS)
תערוכה ביטחונית ISDEF תל אביב 3

Major arms and security show in Tel Aviv expecting record attendance amid Ukraine-Russia war

08.03.22|Udi Etsion
The exhibition, the first in Israel since the pandemic began, is expected to draw 4,500 international guests, but the Russians are unlikely to come
תותח אלביט

Elbit awarded $106 million contract to supply automatic gun systems to Asia-Pacific country

Over the past week, the defense powerhouse has also announced a $74 million deal for airborne munitions with South Korea and a $100 million deal with the UK Royal Navy for electronic warfare
הקברניט חמאס רקטות כיפת ברזל

Ministry of Defense taps VCs to fund weapon development

06.07.21|Udi Etsion
MoD representatives have held talks with venture capital funds regarding making joint investments in startups that are developing technology that can be used both in the defense and civilian sectors
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India Covid crisis threatening the sales of Israel's defense sector

10.05.21|Udi Etsion
Israel's defense industry generates around $1 billion in income annually from exports to India, but the pandemic ravaging the subcontinent is set to lead to a dramatic cutback in the country's defense budget
תערוכה ביטחונית אבו דאבי  IDEX 1

Director of Abu Dhabi arms exhibition calls on Netanyahu to approve Israeli participation in defense event

16.02.21|Udi Etsion
Saeed Al Mansouri sent a letter to the Prime Minister stressing that the Israeli delegation's presence is "extremely important for the exchange of business and the building of ties" and “presents the chance to evaluate the best possible solutions for the regional and global threats that we commonly face”
טילי ספייק רפאל

Israeli participation in Abu Dhabi arms exhibition in doubt after delegation is grounded

15.02.21|Udi Etsion
Defense sector companies had their request for special approval to fly to the UAE turned down due to the Covid-19 pandemic
ניסוי בלב ים של מערכת הנשק לורה

Israel Aerospace Industries Showcases Ballistic Strike Missile

The trial, held in the open sea, was designed and performed under Covid-19 restrictions and demonstrated the capabilities of the advanced system to customers
חיילים סודנים סודאן South Sudan soldier

Former General Seeks Israeli Officials' Aid Against Illegal Arms Trade Allegations

01.07.19|Tomer Ganon
In December, the U.S. imposed financial sanctions against retired Israeli Maj. Gen. Israel Ziv claiming he supplied weapons and ammunition to both sides in the civil war in South Sudan
כפית ברזל מעל שדרות קאסם טיל רצועת עזה

Israel Is the Eighth Largest Arms Exporter In the World

12.03.19|Adi Pick
Over the past decade, Israeli arms exports increased by 60%, according to SIPRI’s report. American arms exports increased by nearly 30%, and Russia saw a 17% decrease in its outgoing arms trade
אלביט מערכות נתנאל גרופ פארק תמר רחובות

Britain’s HSBC Delists Investment in Israeli Defense Contractor Elbit, Reports Say

30.12.18|Lilach Baumer
Elbit says it has not received any such announcement from the British Bank. Campaigners framed the decision as a Pro-BDS win
ספינות הקרב סער 6 חליפות לוחמה אלקטרונית

Three Israeli Companies Ranked Among Top 100 Global Weapon Sellers

20.12.18|Amitay Gazit
According to data collected by SIPRI, a Stockholm-based research institute, the top 100 companies made $398 billion in arms sales in 2017
מימין ראש ממשלת ישראל בנימין נתניהו ונשיא ה פיליפינים רודריגו דוטרטה

Israeli Officials Cozy Up to Philippine President Duterte

04.09.18|Tofi Stoler
Currently on a four-day state visit to Israel, Duterte has met with Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Rivlin, and signed collaboration agreements between the two countries
אסדת תמר קידוח אסדה גז טבעי

Defense Contractor Elbit Wins Israeli Navy Contract

07.08.18|Tofi Stoler
Elbit will supply the Israeli navy with electronic warfare systems for its Sa’ar 6-class corvettes, assigned to guard Israel’s gas rigs
ציד צייד רובה יורה

New Device Could Reduce Friendly Fire, Hunting Accidents

05.06.18|Eyal Boguslavsky, Israel Defense
Israeli company SafeShoot has developed a sensor-based product that communicates location data in real time, alerting of friendly fire risks
naval iron dome ניסוי כיפת ברזל חיל הים

Israeli Defense Contractor Rafael Sells Iron Dome to Romania

17.05.18|Yoav Stoler
As part of the deal, Rafael will provide Romania with technical knowledge and licenses to manufacture air defense and weapons systems
הרון 1 מזל"ט כלי טיס בלתי מאויש של תעשייה אווירית

Bolstered by Indian Deals, Israeli Arms Export Up 40% in 2017

03.05.18|Omri Milman and Lilach Baumer
Israel has a major advantage among global arms exporters as it can often market its arms as "battle-tested"
ברלין 2 ב

Government-Owned Israeli Aerospace Company IAI Opens Berlin Office

30.04.18|Amitay Gazit
As defense budgets in European countries increase, IAI deepens its focus on the market, an executive at the company said
ברלין אינספריישן 2

Israeli Defense Contractor Elbit Opens Berlin Office

Elbit said its Berlin office will serve the company as it expands activity in Germany
יוניברסל אוויוניקה אלביט

Israeli Defense Contractor Elbit Buys U.S.-Based Universal Avionics for $120 Million

11.04.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Universal Avionics is a developer and manufacturer of flight management systems and cockpit technologies