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אמיר אורעד מנכל סייסנס ועידת Mind The Tech

Valuation Is a Milestone, Not a Cause for Celebration, Says Sisense CEO

09.02.20|Sophie Shulman
A hot minute after Sisense joined the unicorn club, CEO Amir Orad explains why it took the company 15 years to catch on, why he is in no hurry to go public, and how his product helps Netflix, Tinder, and Indiana’s organ donor network optimize their operations
אמיר אורעד מנכ"ל Sisense ועידת ניו יורק 2019

Companies That Don't Utilize Their Data Will Disappear, Says Sisense CEO

15.04.19|Adi Pick
Amir Orad, CEO of Israel-based business intelligence startup Sisense, spoke at Calcalist's Mind the Tech conference in New York
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For a CEO, Fear is an Integral Part of the Job, Says Sisense Chief Executive

22.01.18|Raphael Kahan
Israeli-born tech entrepreneur Amir Orad also thinks mistakes are essential to a company’s success