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Bank of Israel: Gaza war to cost economy over $50 billion

27.11.23|Adrian Filut, Zvi Zerahia, Reuters
Israel’s budgetary costs for the war (expenditures + loss of income) are expected to total 198 billion shekels (approximately $53 billion) - about 10% of GDP
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Bank of Israel Governor Amir Yaron given second 5-year term

20.11.23|Irit Avisar
The decision will be submitted to the government for approval at its next meeting. Yaron's term was supposed to end after 5 years on December 24, but he already announced that he will remain in his position at least until the end of the war in Gaza
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Bank of Israel Governor: “Current interest rate can contain inflation”

11.10.22|Shlomo Teitelbaum
In an exclusive interview, the Governor of the BOI, Amir Yaron, clarifies the need for the interest rate to jump and explains why he’s convinced that Israel will overcome even an extreme economic scenario
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Bank of Israel chief says it's ready to buy more than $30 billion of foreign currency to contain shekel’s strength

The shekel gained some 8% against the dollar in 2019, and another 8% last year despite central bank foreign currency purchases of $21 billion
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Bank of Israel Governor Takes the Stage with a Clear Message and No Paper Tissues

25.03.20|Omri Milman
On Tuesday, Amir Yaron and his team held a press conference to discuss the ongoing coronavirus crisis, stating that “without healthcare, there is no economy, but without the economy, there won’t be healthcare”
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Bank of Israel Governor Surprises Market by Keeping Interest Where it Is

26.11.19|Adrian Filut
On Monday, Amir Yaron proved himself a careful strategist when he announced he would maintain Israel's benchmark interest rate at 0.25%, against most analysts’ forecasts
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Israel's Budget Deficit a Crucial Problem, Says Bank of Israel Governor Amir Yaron

02.09.19|Raheli Bindman
The next government must prioritize Israel's fiscal issues and the ballooning deficit while implementing steps to increase market productivity, Yaron said Monday during Calcalist and Bank Leumi's National Economic Conference in Tel Aviv
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Israel’s Bank Governor Can Decide the Future of the Local Mobile Payment Market

06.06.19|Raheli Bindman
In 2017, Israel passed a law mandating a separation between the two largest banks in Israel and their credit card subsidiaries. The banks are now using mobile apps to get back into the Israeli payment processing game
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Government Appoints Amir Yaron as New Governor of the Bank of Israel

18.11.18|Zvi Zerahia and Adi Pick
The Israeli-American economist has spent the last 20 years in the U.S. He is currently a professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania
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Interim Governor Takes the Helm at Bank of Israel

14.11.18|Lilach Baumer
Deputy governor Nadine Baudot-Trajtenberg will stand in as acting governor until the government confirms the prime minister’s choice, economist Amir Yaron
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Amir Yaron Selected as Next Governor of the Bank of Israel

09.10.18|Omri Milman
Yaron will replace Karnit Flug, who on Monday made her last decision as sitting governor, keeping the interest at 0.1%