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Apple stakes its claim in the AI race, betting on privacy and personalization

11.06.24|Omer Kabir
Apple’s WWDC showcased a GenAI strategy prioritizing privacy and personalized intelligence. Leveraging its ecosystem and powerful processors, Apple aims to deliver unique AI solutions that stand out from competitors. 
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Apple's make-or-break moment: Will AI propel them forward or leave them behind?

10.06.24|Omer Kabir
The annual WWDC could determine Apple's future in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.
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Apple's AI shortcomings put Samsung's smartphones back in the lead

18.04.24|Omer Kabir
In the first quarter, iPhone sales fell by 9.6% and Samsung returned to dominate the market. Apple will look to show it has closed the gap in the AI race in its conference in June. The obstacle: a Chinese ban on government employees using iPhones
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Could regulators break up Apple and Google?

Regulators allege companies such as Apple and Google have built impenetrable ecosystems around their products, making it difficult for customers to switch to rival services, which led to the coining of the term walled gardens
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Is the Google-Apple AI deal a game changer?

18.03.24|Omer Kabir
According to Bloomberg, Apple is holding negotiations to integrate Google's artificial intelligence engine into its iPhones; the deal could make Google one of the clear winners in the AI race, and will improve Apple's capabilities in the field
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Apple's U-turn: After investing billions, Apple gives up on autonomous car in favor of AI

29.02.24|Omer Kabir
While Apple tried to reach the next breakthrough through autonomous cars, it missed the breakthrough that came through AI. Now it has decided to close one of the most ambitious projects in its history and divert resources to the hottest field in tech
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How Google is bypassing EU attempt to curb its search monopoly

26.02.24|Omer Kabir
The European Union's Digital Markets Act, which will go into effect on March 7, aims to reduce the power of the technology giants; Google chose to leverage the changes in the law to increase its dominance in the search field
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Apple Vision Pro test-drive: Pricey innovation very few people need

09.02.24|Itai Smuskowitz
"You can work with the headset - browse, read documents, watch content, and more, but it still feels mostly like a toy for the rich or a tool for developers," writes Itai Smuskowitz
רוגלה פגסוס NSO

NSO's attempt to halt Apple pegasus lawsuit fails in US court

25.01.24|Omer Kabir
Apple's legal battle against NSO progresses as court denies dismissal motion
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2024 antitrust watch: 4 cases that could redefine tech industry giants

04.01.24|Omer Kabir
An overview of pivotal legal battles against Apple, Google, Meta, and the potential fallout that could reshape the tech landscape
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The era of tech premiumization is here

13.09.23|Viki Auslender
Spotify is considering making their once-free lyrics display a paid premium feature, the latest in a wave of "premiumization" by tech giants in an effort to increase revenues
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iPhone 15: Even a high price won’t stop Apple’s newest crown jewel

12.09.23|Omer Kabir
The new iPhone 15 models, to be unveiled by Apple today, are poised to become bestsellers, even if the price of the most expensive model reaches $1,200