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לירון חסון מנכ"ל ומייסד Aporia

Quickfire round: Aporia’s CEO answers our AI questions

07.08.23|James Spiro
Artificial intelligence has a good, a bad, and an ugly - Liran Hason is here to guide us through it
Maya Yehuda PickCherry

Viral Israeli artists entering NFT space with ‘xoxo’

07.04.22|James Spiro
Maya and Yehuda Devir have amassed a following of millions with their “One of Those Days” series. Now they're taking their work to the blockchain
פנאי הדמיה של Eyecon קומפלקס מרכז צילום

In the age of Instagram, everybody needs to speak the language of photography, says Eyecon founder

24.08.20|Reut Barnea
Israeli photojournalist Ziv Koren’s latest project is a cultural center and photography school. "I love a good challenge,” he said of launching the $5 million project during a pandemic
niio נייו תמונות אמנות 3

Niio wants to be the Netflix of the digital art world and Covid-19 has proven there’s a market for it

05.06.20|Adi Pick
Hosting more than 13,000 artworks, Niio has the biggest digital art collection in the world. The company’s technology enables you to stream artworks onto any digital screen or canvas anywhere in the world
קולנוע חרדי מתוך לא ליפול 2 כהן וחצי הפקות

The Feminist Utopia of Haredi Cinema

19.01.20|Diana Bahur Nir
Born nearly a century after cinema emerged as a form of entertainment for general audiences, ultra-Orthodox Jewish films are made exclusively by and for women
מוסף שבועי 28.11.19 משוגעים לדבר   מייצרת ארונות קודש  זהבה בנימין

From Art to Ark: This Jerusalem Jeweler Treats Torah Arks Like Giant Jewels

29.11.19|Yoghev Karmel
Zehava Binyamin started making jewelry and small ornamental Judaica items as a side income. Now, she makes arks, scrolls, and pedestals for synagogues around the world