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Ibex Medical Analytics

RISE & align: Assuta’s innovation arm to partner with five additional healthtech startups

The technologies include everything from artificial intelligence for cancer pathology diagnosis and innovative blood test for the diagnosis of diverse diseases in a single blood test to accurate technology for colonoscopy
קרן אלייב מימין: מישל חביב פרופ' רפי ביאר  ופרופ' ארי שמיס

ALIVE Fund leads financing round for mitral heart valve maker Innovalve

23.08.20|Hagar Ravet
“After investing in a company, we are capable of promoting it in Israel and the U.S. through experiments, pilot programs, or sales agreements,” says partner Michel Habib
בית חולים אסותא אשדוד

Israeli Private Hospital Chain Goes Digital

02.07.19|Raphael Kahan
Assuta, which treats approximately 1.25 million patients annually across eight medical centers, will spend millions to transition to Salesforce cloud computing platform