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לירן טנקמן Rezilion

Cyber startup Rezilion seeks court approval for $7.3M asset sale to GitLab to avoid bankruptcy

12.05.24|Lital Dobrovitsky
Rezilion raised a $30 million Series A in September 2021, but has amassed debts of $4.3 million 
אדם נוימן מייסד חברת WeWork (צילום 2023)

Adam Neumann bids over $500 million to regain control of WeWork

Neumann raised WeWork to be the most valuable U.S. startup, worth $47 billion, before his pursuit of expansion at the expense of profit and revelations about his eccentric behavior led to his ouster in 2019 and derailed what would have been a major IPO
וויוורק wework אוסקה יפן

WeWork files for bankruptcy

07.11.23|Lital Samet
In the documents submitted to the court in New Jersey, the American company stated that it is seeking permission to cancel leases in specific locations. The bankruptcy has no effect on WeWork Israel, which is owned by the Ampa Group.
סניף WeWork בשרונה

WeWork prepares to file for bankruptcy next week

The company was founded by Israeli Adam Neumann in 2010 and has suffered a spectacular fall from grace since its $47 billion peak in 2019
מימין אראל מרגלית בני לנדא

High and dry: How Highcon went from $190 million valuation to verge of bankruptcy

03.09.23|Amir Perger
The company, backed by Benny Landa’s Landa Ventures and Erel Margalit’s JVP, has seen its market cap drop to less than $10 million as it continues to amass losses
אביעד שניידרמן מייסד משותף ומנכ"ל Aura Air

How did Aura Air go from $60 million valuation to bankruptcy

27.08.23|Lital Dobrovitsky
The District Court in Tel Aviv has approved the Israeli air filtration company’s request for bankruptcy due to debt of approximately $13 million
עמי בר לב מנכ"ל ביקום עמי בר-לב

Beleaguered Vesttoo regains control of assets thanks to bankruptcy filing

The temporary restraining order preventing the Israeli startup from accessing its assets in the U.S. was lifted after it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a U.S. court a day earlier
וויוורק wework אוסקה יפן

The end of WeWork? Workspace provider goes from $47B valuation to brink of bankruptcy

09.08.23|Reuters and CTech
WeWork issued a warning that its management needed to raise additional capital to keep the company afloat and maintain liquidity over the next 12 months
צלזיוס מימין אלכס משינסקי  ו דניאל לאון

Celsius co-founders cashed out over $42 million shortly before collapse

Former CEO Alex Mashinsky, former CSO Daniel Leon, and CTO Nuke Goldstein withdrew the funds shortly before the crypto lender suspended withdrawals and filed for bankruptcy
מייסד צלזיוס אלכס משינסקי

Bankrupt Celsius sues ex-money manager over tens of millions in losses

24.08.22|Reuters and CTech
The collapsed crypto lender is accusing Jason Stone and his company KeyFi of "gross negligence" and "extraordinarily inept" crypto investing
בית קולנוע  סינוורלד Cineworld בעיר צ'סטר בריטניה משפחת גרידינגר

Final cut: Israeli-owned movie theater chain Cineworld preparing to file for bankruptcy

The second largest cinema chain in the world is crashing, with its stock collapsing by 82% in three London trading days. The chain, which failed to recover from the pandemic at the rate it expected, has accumulated a debt of $9 billion
צלזיוס מימין אלכס משינסקי  ו דניאל לאון

Crypto lender Celsius files for bankruptcy

14.07.22|Reuters and CTech
One month after pausing all transfers and withdrawals from its platform, the former unicorn says it now has only $167 million in cash on hand
עו"ד ג'יי אפשטיין

"Investment opportunities will be slow to come along in 2020. We're in a marathon not a sprint to recovery"

06.09.20|Tamar Tunik
DLA Piper senior partner Jay Epstien says creative and innovative leadership will be the main factors that determine companies' success in the post-Covid world
מימין אורלי ו שלום לבייב

Leviev divorce saga takes another ugly turn

14.06.20|Tomer Ganon
Billionaire businessman Lev Leviev’s son Shalom was accused of physical, emotional, and sexual violence by his ex-wife during court proceedings
עובדים משרד מחשבים אופן ספייס

Covid-19 Does not Have to Mean an Untimely Demise for Young Israeli Startups

02.06.20|Meir Orbach
If Israel wants its growth engine back on track, it is going to have to be far more creative and generous
שלט חנות סגורה

Immediate Threat: 80 Small Tech Companies in Danger of Closing Within Three Months

31.05.20|Meir Orbach
A survey conducted among 414 companies by the Israel Innovation Authority and IATI indicates that investors have stopped fundraising processes and that sales of a quarter of the companies have fallen by more than half since the Covid-19 outbreak