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מנכ"ל מיקרוסופט סאטיה נאדלה ומנכ"ל אלפבית גוגל סונדר פיצ'אי

How cloud credit became tech's new currency

28.05.24|Viki Auslender
Tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Google use their cloud services as a kind of new currency. They invest in companies while giving "credit" to use the cloud instead of paying in cash, and along the way attract and tie start-ups to their infrastructures
מטה חברת נייס מערכות רעננה Nice

NICE becomes Israel’s highest valued company thanks to cloud revenue spike

08.08.21|Hezi Sternlicht
The company reached a valuation of around $17 billion following the release of its second-quarter report which showcased a 16% rise in revenue