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Teva’s Stock Drops After Approval of Copaxone Competitors

08.10.17|Lilach Baumer
A day after Mylan announced FDA approval for its generic versions of Copaxone, drug companies Synthon and Alvogen announce European approval for their 40 mg/ml generic versions of Teva's blockbuster drug
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Teva Loses Copaxone Market Exclusivity

04.10.17|Lilach Baumer
Rival Mylan received FDA approval for its generic versions of Copaxone, Teva’s flagship drug
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New CEO to Break Teva’s Copaxone Habit

11.09.17|Sophie Shulman, Dror Reich
Troubled drugmaker says new CEO must work to quickly regain its financial credibility
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With Bloated Debt, Teva Looks to Sell Assets

10.08.17|Eli Shimony and Gil Kalian
The generic drugmaker said it is looking to sell Medis, an Iceland-based company it bought in 2016