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Sivan Geva Intuit

5 Lessons Learned: working for global tech companies vs. startups

04.10.21|Sivan Geva
“Once you play for the major leagues and compare apples with apples, it’s hard to go back,” writes Sivan Geva, Communications Lead at Intuit Israel
שלי לנצמן מנכלית מייקרוסופט ישראל

Corporate Culture Must Be Susceptible to Change, Says Microsoft Executive

24.07.18|Tomer Hadar, Adrian Filut and Sefi Krupsky
Speaking on Tuesday at a conference on human resources, Microsoft Israel General Manager Shelly Landsmann said employees should be rewarded for leadership and for their overall impact on the company
תום פחיס ממייסדי Playbuzz פלייבאז

When Founders Pivot

27.02.18|Tom Pachys
Playbuzz co-founder and chief operations officer Tom Pachys explains why he shifted his role after five years as the company’s chief product officer
פיצה של ניצן רז שף מסעדת אונו פנאי

Goodbye, Pizza and Beer. Hello, Personal Growth

27.02.18|Iris Shoor
Serial entrepreneur Iris Shoor feels startups should focus less on free food and parties and more on the personal development of their employees