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Microsoft uncovers extensive Iranian AI-based cyber ops against Israel amid Gaza war

07.02.24|Omer Kabir
“Amid the rising potential of a widening war, we expect Iranian influence operations and cyberattacks will continue to be more targeted, more collaborative and more destructive,” warned Microsoft’s report
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Israeli hackers claim responsibility for shutting down 70% of Iran gas stations in cyber attack

18.12.23|Omer Kabir
A pro-Israeli hacker group called ‘The Predatory Sparrow’ claims to have succeeded in shutting down most gas stations in the country, confirmed by Iranian and international media.
A cyberattack on Israeli organizations

Hacktivist groups have started attacking Israeli press

11.10.23|James Spiro, and Reuters
News sites have been victims of attacks that attempt to undermine Israel’s credibility or halt reporting of Hamas’ crimes entirely.
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"Hackers are not interested in the recession. They just continue to attack and are becoming more and more sophisticated"

22.06.23|Maya Nahum Shahl
Arik Kleinstein, Founding Managing Partner of Glilot Capital, was speaking as part of a panel in ‘The Next Big Thing’ series alongside Panorays CTO Demi Ben-Ari, Dina Pasca-Raz, Head of Technology at KPMG Israel, and Yair Snir, Managing Partner at Dell Technologies Capital
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Got a cyber crisis? Meet the breach coach

23.05.23|Nimrod Kozlovski, Ido Kenan
Cyber crises should be approached quickly, but not rashly. Breach coaches - corporate lawyers joining forces with cyber crisis experts, provide a comprehensive solution that also enjoys attorney-client privilege
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Israel's cyber infrastructure vulnerabilities exposed in recent wave of attacks

10.04.23|Omer Kabir
85 cyberattacks have been reported since the beginning of the month, most of them attacks on institutional websites
A cyberattack on Israeli organizations

Cyberattacks strike Israel Post, irrigation systems

09.04.23|Omer Kabir, Yair Krauss, Yuval Mann
A wave of cyber attacks have hit Israeli targets, including Israel Post, and irrigation systems, as well as airline, transportation, and university websites
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Suspected Iranian DDoS cyberattack takes down Israeli government websites

14.03.22|Raphael Kahan
Former senior executive at Israel’s National Cyber Directorate estimates that Iran initiated the attack due to the growing tensions between the countries. “We are heading into a period of wide-scale escalation in cyberspace,” he said
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Israeli-U.S. consortium dishes out $12 million to protect critical infrastructure against cyberattacks

The consortium, led by the BIRD Foundation and Ben-Gurion University, will allocate funding toward developing new technologies for protecting infrastructure
רותם שמש Datto

The key steps for SMBs to stay safe from cyberattacks

25.01.22|Rotem Shemesh
“The building blocks of a well-thought-out cyber resilience plan are being able to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from cyber threats,” writes Rotem Shemesh of Datto
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SafeBreach raises $53.5 million for cyberattack simulation platform

09.11.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s security validation platform automatically executes thousands of attack methods to validate network, endpoint, cloud, container and email security controls against its hacker’s playbook
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Iranian hackers leak data from Israeli LGBTQ dating app

30.10.21|Meir Orbach and Yuval Sade
The Black Shadow hacker group announced on Friday that it had hacked into the servers of Israeli web hosting company Cyberserve which provides services to dating app “Atraf”
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“Working in the cybersecurity industry means you’re one of the good guys”

20.08.21|Yafit Ovadia
Morphisec’s offering prevents the next cyberattack before it occurs, says VP of Product Netta Schmeidler, adding that like her, “more women are joining the industry, but it still isn’t enough”
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Cybersecurity in hospitals is unaligned with reality, says report

US hospital and BioMed executives weigh in on healthcare security in “Perspectives in Healthcare Security Report”
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Israel National Cyber Directorate warns of critical vulnerabilities in equipment used in energy and industrial sectors

The vulnerabilities were discovered in a TCP/IP Stack called NicheStack that is included in a large number of operational components, including Siemens controllers
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The 5 biggest global cyber threats of 2021

12.07.21|Omree Wechsler
“Despite increased governmental attention to cybersecurity, existing cyber threats are here to stay and are likely to evolve at a faster pace than implemented countermeasures,” writes Omree Wechsler, a Senior Researcher at Tel Aviv University
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REvil ransomware attack illustrates IT systems need for epidemiological investigation

11.07.21|Tomer Shemer
"The truth about the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as for computer systems, is that complete isolation of our homes or computer stations will prevent us from catching the virus, but it will also prevent us from functioning," writes Tomer Shemer of Portnox
לירון ברק מנכ"לית ביטדאם

Hacking trends you need to know about

28.06.21|Liron Barak
Home security cameras, Slack and delayed delivery messages have all become increasingly popular phishing strategies for cyberattacks, writes Liron Barak of BitDam
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“Cybersecurity can’t remain voluntary,” says National Cyber Directorate executive

25.04.21|Diana Bahur-Nir and Raphael Kahan
Meital Arik, Head of the Cyber Guidance and Regulation Division at the Israel National Cyber Directorate talks about how combating cyberattacks is an existential need, the lasting effects of the pandemic and the significance of regulation.
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Survey: Cybersecurity executives see increase in attempted credential theft

The survey, conducted by CyberArk, found that the most at-risk group facing the highest number of increased attacks are end-users, or those business users with access to sensitive data