6 stories about DeFi
עומר גולדברג מנכ"ל Chaos Labs

Crypto security startup Chaos Labs raises $20 million in Seed funding led by Galaxy and PayPal

21.02.23|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup provides protocols with custom and automated economic security tooling that verifies a protocol's durability and stability in any market condition
bloXroute founders

DeFi startup bloXroute raises $70 million Series B led by Softbank

bloXroute, headed by Israeli CEO Uri Klarman, is a global content distribution network for blockchain scalability which enables decentralized finance traders to win more trades
מפת מטאוורס ישראל

Mapping the Israeli Metaverse startup landscape

24.01.22|Elihay Vidal
The Metaverse is the hottest buzzword in tech, both globally and in Israel. New research by Remagine Ventures has mapped the close to 50 Israeli companies and startups that are already active in building Metaverse technology
סייבר נוזקות ביטקוין קריפטו

Are smart contracts actual contracts?

21.11.21|Dov Greenbaum
“Maybe, smart contracts can promote a new theory of contracts that would encompass not only smart contracts, but other contracts as well,” writes Dov Greenbaum
מייסדי פיירבלוקס Fireblocks מימין עידן עפרת מיכאל שאולוב ו פבל ברנגולץ

Israeli blockchain security startup Fireblocks raises $133 million series C

18.03.21|Viki Auslender and CTech
BNY Mellon among the new investors in the company that raised a $30 million series B just four months ago
Andrey Yeremenko Hub Security

Israeli startup develops solution to secure booming DeFi market

“More than $41 billion worth of assets are locked in DeFi apps, yet their security solutions are still consumer-oriented,” said Hub Security CTO and co-founder, Andrey Iaremenko