5 stories about Developers
daily dev founders raises $11 million in Seed funding to build a professional network for developers

23.03.23|Meir Orbach
The company has built a platform where hundreds of thousands of developers actively interact and collaborate
On Freund

Game On: Wilco’s realistic simulator helps developers develop their skills

07.12.22|Yonatan Sredni
Co-founder and CEO On Freund shares his personal journey from WeWork to Wilco and what the Apple TV+ series WeCrashed got right - and wrong
ליהי ירון גרטי CodeValue

Developers should take advantage of the good times to discover what really makes them happy

18.10.21|Leehee Yaron Gerti
“What happens when you reach the pinnacle of your professional aspirations and then realize that you have lost touch with the reason why you started the journey in the first place?” asks Leehee Yaron Gerti, Director of Marketing at CodeValue
לאוניד בלובשטיין Lightrun

It's time technology organizations adopt shift left culture

21.06.21|Leonid Blouvshtein
"By choosing to give your developers ownership and more and more aspects of the business, you’re allowing them to feel like they’re part of the equation," writes Leonid Blouvshtein of Lightrun
לוגו טוויטר קורונה

Twitter acquires Israeli startup Reshuffle to advance new API

Social media giant believes small Israeli team headed by CEO Avner Braverman and CPO Amir Shevat can further advance the building of the new API introduced last year