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With Regulatory Approval at Hand, Streaming of Natural Gas From Israel to Egypt Will Begin in Two Weeks

16.12.19|Lior Gutman
Over a 15-year period, Israeli gas fields Tamar and Leviathan will stream up to 25 billion cubic meters of gas and 60 billion cubic meters of gas, respectively
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Israel’s Electric Corporation's Settlement Deal With Egypt Receives Regulatory Approval

16.12.19|Lior Gutman
IEC will receive about $100 million within the next year and then $50 million a year for eight years
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Delek, Noble, Complete $520 Million Acquisition of EMG Gas Pipeline

03.11.19|Lior Gutman
The deal, made in partnership with Egypt-owned EGAS, gives the three companies a 39% stake in the pipeline and a way to import gas from Israel to Egypt
אסדת תמר קידוח אסדה גז טבעי

Israeli Organization Contests Green Light of EMG Gas Pipeline Acquisition

09.09.19|Lior Gutman
Delek, Noble, and The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company signed an agreement to pay $518 million for a 39% stake in the Israel-Egypt pipeline in 2018. The Israeli regulator approved the acquisition in late July
הנחת צינור גז טבעי ב מרכז הארץ של חברת נתגז

Israeli State-Owned Gas Transmission Company Sets Out to Break Natural Gas Duopoly

31.07.19|Lior Gutman
Israel Natural Gas Lines is promoting a plan to set up a new terrestrial gas pipeline to compete with Tel Aviv-listed gas company Delek and Texas-based Noble Energy
אסדת תמר קידוח אסדה גז טבעי

Lacking Regulatory Approval, Israeli Gas Fields Postpone Commercial Streaming to Egypt

01.07.19|Lior Gutman
Originally scheduled to begin by the end of June, the streaming of 64 billion cubic meters of gas to Egypt over a 10 year period is now planned for late 2019
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Israeli Consortium Begins Gas Streaming Trial to Egypt

02.06.19|Lior Gutman
In February 2018, the Tamar consortium joined the consortium operating Israel’s largest gas field Leviathan to sign a $15 billion deal with Egyptian company Dolphinus to stream 64 billion cubic meters of gas to Egypt
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Israel’s Electric Corporation Approves Compensation Settlement with Egypt

23.05.19|Lior Gutman
IEC had a standing agreement to receive gas from Egypt, but a series of sabotage explosions of the gas pipe during the Arab Spring led to it being shut down since
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EAPC, Once Joint Israeli-Iranian Pipeline Venture, Stands to Make Bank from Egyptian Gas

02.10.18|Lior Gutman
Last week, Israeli gas developers Delek and Noble Energy and their Egyptian partner East Gas Co. signed a $518 million deal for a 39% stake in a pipeline connecting Israel and Egypt
נ"מ סורי בשמי דמשק מתקפת חייל האוויר על יעדים ב סוריה

Regional Violence Highlights a Middle Eastern Arms Race

14.05.18|Amir Rapaport, IsraelDefense
President Trump's withdrawal from the Iran Deal unveiled a small portion of an arms race that has been underway in the last few months throughout the Middle East