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קורקינט חשמלי תל אביב 5

Israel Sees More E-Bike Injuries Than Electric Scooter Injuries, Report Says

15.07.19|Udi Etsion
Over 100 people were hospitalized due to electric bike injuries in Israel in the first quarter of 2019, 15 additional people were hospitalized due to e-scooter-related injuries, according to a new report by central Israeli hospital Sheba Medical Center
קורקינט חשמלי תל אביב 4

Despite Wave of Deadly Accidents, Implementation of New Israeli E-Bike Regulations Postponed

02.01.19|Tofi Stoler and Roy Rubinstein
Nineteen people, most of them teens, have been killed in e-bike related accidents in Israel in 2018
זירת תאונה של אופניים חשמליים

Deaths From E-Bike Accidents Are on the Rise in Israel

15.06.18|Tomer Hadar
If the trend seen for the first half of 2018 continues, this year will have triple the amount of deaths seen in 2017, says state official