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מימין שותף בקרן קומרה קפיטל ארז שחר ושותפה בויולה צמיחה נטהלי רפואה

Pulling the plug: Growth funds halt investments in Israel

10.05.23|Meir Orbach
In the last 8 months, the local and foreign growth funds made almost no new investments in Israel. "Investors made it clear to me that during this period they were not investing and I had to fire dozens of additional employees," said one senior entrepreneur
הפגנה עובדי הייטק ינואר 2023

High-tech employees stage one-hour work stoppage to protest judicial reform

24.01.23|Meir Orbach
"High-tech is not cut off from the state as they have said about us over the years. The state is important to us," said the leaders of the demonstration
Erez Shachar

Why DPI is king

04.12.22|Erez Shachar
"If 'cash is king' for businesses, 'DPI is king' for LPs. In order to best predict the success of the current generations of funds, you should take a close look at their current DPI," writes Erez Shachar, Managing Partner at Qumra Capital
ארז שחר קרן קומרה שיחת ועידה בנקאות חדשה

Talkspace IPO: When doing good does so well

05.07.21|Erez Shachar
Qumra Capital's Erez Shachar: "Talkspace is the first and only publicly traded virtual behavioral health company and will stay true to its mission of being exclusively focused on behavioral health"
ארז שחר קרן קומרה שיחת ועידה בנקאות חדשה

My last board meeting at Fiverr

13.08.20|Erez Shachar
"In the six years on board, I have seen Fiverr grow from a young start-up to a mature and inspiring company," writes Shachar
קומרה ארז שחר

Israeli Industry is Well Positioned to Deal With the Corona Crisis, says Qumra Exec

Erez Shachar, managing partner at Tel Aviv-based venture capital firm Qumra Capital, answered seven questions about the Covid-19 crisis and its effects on the Israeli tech sector
ארז שחר קומרה קפיטל כנס משקיעים 2019

Israeli Companies Can Scale Up Because Market Changed Dramatically, Says Qumra Capital's Erez Shachar

18.06.19|Adi Pick
Venture capitalist Erez Shachar, partner at Qumra Capital, spoke Tuesday at Calcalist's investors' event It Tech Two to Tango, held in Tel Aviv
מימין בועז דינטי סיון שמרי דהן ו ארז שחר קרן קומרה

Israeli Late-Stage Venture Firm Raises $150 Million for a Second Fund

09.01.18|Amarelle Wenkert and Orr Hirschauge
Tel Aviv-based Qumra Capital raised a first $100 million fund in 2014. Late stage investments in Israeli startups jumped from $300 million in 2013 to over $1.5 billion in subsequent years