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כנס פינטק 2021  חדשנות בעולם הפינטק רועי ברגמן דרור יוסף עודד זהבי ו דורון ספיר וידאו

“There has been regulatory disorder for many years here, but I am very optimistic"

28.06.21|Hezi Sternlicht
Mesh Payments’ co-founder and CEO Oded Zehavi spoke at a panel during Calcalist's FinTech 2021 Conference alongside Fundbox’s GM Israel and CTO Dror Yosef and Michman Business Credit Chairman Doron Spair
כנס פינטק 2021  אריאל כהן ו אילן טוויג מייסדי טריפאקשנס בשיחה עם מאיר אורבך

TripActions seizing fintech opportunity after Covid-19 pivot

28.06.21|Maayan Manela
The Israeli company's founders, Ilan Twig and Ariel Cohen, explained during Calcalist’s FinTech 2021 conference how fintech solves many issues for both employees and companies while traveling
כנס פינטק שוקי אורן יו"ר הבנק הדיגיטלי הראשון

"We won't be a free bank but we'll disrupt the existing order"

28.06.21|Almog Azar
Chairman of the First Digital Bank, Shuki Oren, said that it will launch its services towards the end of this year or in the first quarter of next year with the aim of making an immediate footprint