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How healthy due diligence can save investors from the next Joonko or Vesttoo

07.09.23|James Spiro
As more companies get exposed as fraudulent, CTech hears from experts in the field about how to spot potentially troubling companies
טיראן רוטמן

The dark side of an economic crisis among technology companies

19.06.22|Dr. Tiran Rothman
Explaining what economic "damage" is to a private startup company investor is arguably the most difficult challenge in an economic court, writes Dr. Tiran Rothman.
רובוט ספוט עם טכנולוגייה של פרספטו Percepto

Percepto recognized by Frost & Sullivan for leading autonomous drone-in-a-box market

"Percepto boasts the highest number of DIB deployments, most mature product line, and the most extensive customer base in the market,” noted Elizabeth Whynott, Best Practices Research Analyst for Frost & Sullivan