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מייסדי חברת Oligo גל אלבז נדב צ'רנינסקי ו אבשלום חילו

Oligo Security raises $20 million Series A to secure open-source libraries

15.02.23|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s technology profiles the legitimate behavior of each library, creating a knowledge base of libraries’ profiles and alerting or blocking whenever a library activity is not as expected
קרחון צף גרינלנד איכות סביבה

Israeli startup raises $10 million for CO2 capture solution

RepAir Carbon has attracted investments from the likes of Shell and Equinor for its Direct Air Capture technology to remove CO2
יגאל רייחלגאוז מייסד ו מנכ״ל Autobrains

Autobrains closes $120 million Series C as it continues pursuit of Mobileye

The Israeli company added $19 million to its funding round, initially announced four months ago
עושר עשירים מס כסף דולרים

Setting up a startup? It all starts with raising initial capital

15.10.20|Shaul Olmert
Shaul Olmert, founder of Flying Pigs offers some golden advice for new startups on the early stages of financing your dreams
תל אביב  מבט על זירת הנדלן

These Are The Biggest Israeli Tech Funding Rounds We Reported on in 2019

26.12.19|Adi Pick
One of the year’s largest rounds, online used car retailer Vroom’s quarter of a billion dollars investment, closed earlier this month