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מתקפת סייבר האקר האקרים אבטחת מחשבים

Suspected Iranian DDoS cyberattack takes down Israeli government websites

14.03.22|Raphael Kahan
Former senior executive at Israel’s National Cyber Directorate estimates that Iran initiated the attack due to the growing tensions between the countries. “We are heading into a period of wide-scale escalation in cyberspace,” he said
הקברניט חמאס רקטות כיפת ברזל

Iranian hackers suspected of breaking into defense company Rafael's systems

01.02.22|Raphael Kahan and Udi Etsion
The hackers, who belong to the Iranian regime-supported "Moses Staff", uploaded to the Darknet examples from Rafael's database and offered up the stolen data for 100 bitcoin
דב מורן מייסד גרוב ונצרס ממציא ה דיסק און קי

Meeting Iran’s nuclear aspirations with an Israeli defense umbrella

28.12.21|Dov Moran
With an Iranian nuclear bomb only being a matter of time according to Dov Moran, the legendary Israeli entrepreneur is suggesting Israel should steal a page from Ronald Reagan’s book
סייבר איראן סייבר איראני

The horror movie that is cyberwars

03.11.21|Ido Kenan
The ongoing cyber battles between Iran and Israel have also included psychological warfare, as Iranian hackers focus on personal data, hoping to keep Israelis on edge
Cyber Attack

How should the media respond to Iran’s continued cyberattacks?

31.10.21|James Spiro
As Iran-linked groups target Israeli institutions, the media is helping humiliate Israel and strike fear into its citizens
מתקפת סייבר האקר האקרים אבטחת מחשבים

Iranian hackers leak data from Israeli LGBTQ dating app

30.10.21|Meir Orbach and Yuval Sade
The Black Shadow hacker group announced on Friday that it had hacked into the servers of Israeli web hosting company Cyberserve which provides services to dating app “Atraf”
מייסדי סייבריזן מימין יוסי נער ליאור דיב יונתן שטרים-עמית cybereason סטארטאפים מבטיחים

Cybereason exposes Iranian state-sponsored cyber espionage

06.10.21|James Spiro
The attacks were identified in a report that revealed aerospace and telecommunication companies as targets
מתקפת סייבר האקר האקרים אבטחת מחשבים

Report: Criminal cyber actions are used to cover Iranian strategic operations against Israel

26.05.21|Raphael Kahan
The SentinelOne report names hacker group Agrius as an Iranian agent. Sources said this group was behind the Shirbit and the KLS attacks
עמרי שגב מויאל מנכ"ל Profero

As cyberattacks peak, so does the demand for Profero's services

13.02.21|Allon Sinai
The CEO of the Israeli cybersecurity startup, which specializes in helping companies address and manage the aftermath of a security breach, says it is turning people away as hackers take advantage of Covid-19 pandemic
עימות ג'ו ביידן דונלד טראמפ בחירות ארה"ב 2020

Who was targeted by Iranian hackers and what is the only way to safeguard the U.S. elections?

CTech Daily Roundup: The Koch empire’s man in Israel who has unlimited funds to invest in tech
אבטחת מידע סייבר גלישה בטוחה מנעול

Report: Iranian hacking group launched concentrated attack on Israeli companies

18.10.20|Raphael Kahan
ClearSky and Profero, who identified the attack said hackers launched fake ransomware attacks, aimed at encrypting company data
מתקן התפלה פלמחים

Did Iran Really Try to Poison Israeli Civilians and How is the Israeli Military Reducing Pollutant Emissions?

CTech Daily Roundup: According to the Financial Times, the cyberattack could have triggered fail-safes that would have left tens of thousands of civilians parched in the middle of a heatwave
מתקן ההתפלה ב שורק

Report: Iranian Cyberattack Aimed to Poison Israelis by Upping Water Chlorine Levels

According to the Financial Times the cyberattack could have triggered fail-safes that would have left tens of thousands of civilians parched in the middle of a heatwave
עלי חמינאי המנהיג הרוחני של איראן

The Iranian Cyber Threat can no Longer be Underestimated

29.05.20|Doron Peskin
Iran may not be a cyber superpower, but it has been making a concentrated effort over recent years to strengthen its position in the field. The aid from China and Russia, the loyalty of hundreds of volunteer hackers, and its audacity make it an enemy that should be reckoned with
אבטחת סייבר 8.9.19

Cyberattack on Israeli Water Systems Uncovers Regulatory Chaos

24.05.20|Lior Gutman
Even if the damage caused by Iran's cyberattack on the water systems was indeed trivial, its existence nevertheless revealed their fragility to foreign threats
קנאביס רפואי מריחואנה כנס כלכליסט

What Next in the Israel-Iran Cyberwar and Which Innovation Center is Cultivating Cannabis?

CTech Daily Roundup: Thousands of Israeli websites down after suspected massive Iranian cyber attack

Experts say Today’s Hacks are Not Iranian Retaliation to Cyber Attack blamed on Israel

21.05.20|Raphael Kahan and Yuval Azulai
Cybersecurity professionals describe website defacements as lowliest form of hacking, likely carried out by teenage activists
צילום מסך פריצת ססיבר לאתר ישראלי

Thousands of Israeli Websites Down after suspected Massive Iranian Cyberattack

21.05.20|CTech, Ynet News
A group calling itself Hacking Saviours targets sites stored on Upress servers
טיול ב אירן איראן פסח 1

Israeli Foreign Ministry Entered a Satirical Iranian Twitter Contest—And Won

13.02.19|Adi Pick
An ironic tweet crafted by the Israeli Foreign Ministry garnered nearly 1,500 likes. It predicts the downfall of the Jewish state, and ends with an emoji