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זוהר לבקוביץ’ שותף מייסד ומנכל חברת הסטארט־אפ L1GHT

Anti-toxicity startup L1ght shutting down after acquisition falls through

The company, which developed technology to identify and analyze harmful online content, has notified all 22 of its employees that they are being laid off
זוהר לבקוביץ’ שותף מייסד ומנכל חברת הסטארט־אפ L1GHT

The Challenge of Flattening the Online Hate Curve

08.04.20|Allon Sinai
Hate speech, cyberbullying, and abuse are all worryingly on the rise since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, L1ght founder Zohar Levkovitz tells CTech
זוהר לבקוביץ' מייסד משותף בחברת לייט

Anti-Cyberbullying Startup L1ght Raises $15 Million

25.02.20|Adi Pick
L1ght develops technology to combat the online bullying of kids, which analyzes texts, videos, and soundbites to recognize hate speech, cyberbullying, and online threats