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הלפטופ של סייטפול

Israel's Sightful reveals its revolutionary AR laptop Spacetop

18.05.23|Sophie Shulman
The startup's new laptop has no physical screen and comes instead with augmented reality (AR) glasses
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Intel Unveils New Eighth-Generation Processors

29.08.18|Omer Kabir
The development of the U-series and Y-series laptop processors was led by the chipmaker’s team in Israel
Intel אינטל ישראל

Intel Unveils Latest Core i9 Processor

03.04.18|Raphael Kahan
Intel’s Israeli research and development center played a major part in the development of the new processor
מימין ארימאסה ניוטה המעצב שהמציא את Thinkpad דיוויד היל סגן נשיא בכיר לעיצוב ב לנובו מחשב נייד

PC Market is Falling, but Lenovo Sells More Computers to Enterprises, Executive Says

15.11.17|Nitsan Saddan
With 55.5 million PCs shipped in 2016, Lenovo is the global leader in PC sales