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Alla Voldman Rantzer

Cultivated meat consortium receives $18 million grant from Israel Innovation Authority

The consortium of 14 companies and 10 academic labs aims to develop more efficient, cost-competitive production methods and pilot scale-up opportunities that are aligned with the food industry of cultivated meat
אשטון קוצ'ר 2016

Ashton Kutcher, Guy Oseary partnering with Israeli foodtech startup MeaTech

“We are excited about MeaTech’s innovative technologies, which we believe position it to be the leader on the industrial scale production of cultured meat,” said Kutcher
Sharon Fima  MeaTech

MeaTech has announced cultivated pork, allowing millions to bring home the bacon

06.07.21|James Spiro
Pork is the most popular meat in the world, followed by poultry, beef, and goats/sheep
Bye bye to beef burgers

Israeli startups stampeding towards alternative meat solutions

26.03.21|Andrew Jacobson
Can these 4 companies overcome the triple challenges of product texture, pricing, and regulation in the quest to transform the food industry’s holy grail?
מכונת הדפסה תלת מימד בשר

MeaTech invests a million euro in a Belgian company that produces cultured animal fat

18.10.20|Nurit Kadosh
Israeli company plans to include Peace of Meat’s technology in its own range of cell-based products
מכונת הדפסה תלת מימד בשר

Mystery Meat: MeaTech to acquire unnamed company that manufactures synthetic animal fat

10.09.20|Nurit Kadosh
Israel-based MeaTech is set to pay $17.5 million for the target company’s technology, management expected to remain in place for two years after the signing
המבורגר טבעוני של המותג ביונד מיט Beyond Meat

MeaTech sets sights on Nasdaq listing

22.06.20|Nurit Kadosh
Bioprinting meat company’s stock surged 22.3% on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on the news and has climbed over 200% on the year
פנאי נתח בשר

Ophectra Signs Merger Deal With Meat Bioprinting Company MeaTech

03.10.19|Ori Galor and Tzally Greenberg
The announcement comes a week after Ophectra announced that its merger deal with cannabis company Hi Pharma fell through