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מוסף שבועי 7.12.23 חן גולן מנכ"ל נקסט ויזן

NextVision revenue surges amid rising demand for drone cameras

11.03.24|Miki Greenfeld
The war sharply increased the demand for NextVision's cameras, in addition to a jump in sales in Europe and the US following the war in Ukraine; the company ended 2023 with a 150% jump in net profit to $27.5 million; NextVision's stock jumped by 302% last year.
מוסף שבועי 7.12.23 חן גולן מנכ"ל נקסט ויזן

The Israeli startup selling drone cameras to armies across the world

11.12.23|Diana Bahur Nir, Yuval Azulay
NextVision manufactures tiny cameras for drones and UAVs which have become the eyes of armies around the world. Founder Chen Golan, a former Air Force pilot, tells Calcalist how his small startup has reached a value of $620 million
נקסטויז'ן extvision drone

The Israeli company developing the eyes behind suicide drones

06.04.22|Yafit Ovadia
NextVision Stabilized Systems’ cameras enable drones to monitor areas like never before, and hone in and attack targets, when needed