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NOVOS co-founders

NOVOS raises $6 million Seed round to train gamers

The Israeli startup’s platform tracks the strengths and weaknesses of each gamer based on their in-game performance and provides them with a customized training plan
פנטזי ספורט הימורים 1

Three Israeli Sports Startups That Aren’t Letting the Pandemic Bench Them

14.04.20|Allon Sinai
From mental workouts for athletes to gamers who want to go pro, these homegrown startups are intent to jump over the Covid-19 hurdles
שי ארנון אור בריגה נובוס NOVOS

Gamer-Coaching Startup Novos Raises $750,000

05.03.19|Meir Orbach
Novos offers an online service for amateur and professional gamers that analyses their skills and weaknesses to develop a personalized training program