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מייסדי BeeHero, מימין: עומר דוידי, איתי כנות ויויבל רגב

BeeHero raises $42 million Series B for precision pollination platform

01.12.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup uses advanced data analytics, AI, and low-cost IoT sensors to bring transparency and efficiency to the complex logistics of commercial crop pollination
דבש דבורים כוורות פנאי

Land of Tech and Honey: 5 Israeli Startups That Tackle the Dwindling Bee Population

08.12.19|Adi Pick and Tofi Stoler
From improving bee health through automating beehive care, to creating artificial pollination devices, below are five Israeli startups looking to solve the problem of the disappearing bee
דבש דבורים כוורות פנאי

Automated Pollination Company Edete Raises $3 Million

17.06.18|Meir Orbach
Edete develops and manufactures an automated fruit orchard pollination system that reduces dependency on insect-based pollination