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מוסף שבועי 25.4.24 גיגי לוי יזם ההייטק והמשקיע

Gigi Levy-Weiss: "Creating jobs is no longer enough to fulfill one’s Zionist duty; we must change the country"

02.05.24|Diana Bahur Nir, Meir Orbach
The General Partner of VC fund NFX and one of the most successful investors in Israel, has been busy since October 7th leading the Civilian Emergency HQ, an organization that has already helped tens of thousands of Israelis where the state has failed to do so
עובדים פרו פלסטינים מתבצרים במשרדי גוגל

Google lays off 28 employees for protesting against Israeli cloud contract

"Physically impeding other employees' work and preventing them from accessing our facilities is a clear violation of our policies, and completely unacceptable behavior," the company said in a statement.
הפגנה נגד ההפיכה המשטרית ב תל אביב

Israel's judicial overhaul turmoil threatens economic growth, investment

Israel's economy may face ratings downgrades, falling foreign investment and a weaker tech sector if turmoil arising from the government's contentious judicial reforms continues
תל אביב קפלן הפגנה הפגנת מחאה מחאת מפגינים מפגינות מוחים מוחות מהפכה משפטית דגלים דגלי ישראל

Keep on fighting for Israeli democracy

Calcalist Editorial: The struggle must continue, and it will succeed. Without it, Israel will not become Poland or Hungary; it is on its way to becoming Iran
חסימת כביש הגישה ל כנסת ישראל ע"י מפגינים נגד המהפכה המשפטית

Government passes first anti-democratic law in judicial overhaul, protesters vow to fight on

Protesters chained themselves outside Israel's parliament earlier Monday, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed ahead with his contentious judicial overhaul
מהפכה משפטית מחאת ההייטק הפגנה הייטק

68% of Israeli startups taking legal and financial steps due to judicial overhaul

23.07.23|Meir Orbach
Over two-thirds of companies said they have taken such steps like withdrawing cash reserves, changing HQ location outside Israel, relocation of employees and conducting layoffs
תפילה משותפת ב כותל המערבי בקריאה לאחדות הפיכה משטרית 23.7

Massive protests expected in Jerusalem as judicial overhaul debates continue

23.07.23|Zvi Zerahia
Israeli tech sector and leading law firms call on employees to join nationwide demonstrations
ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו הפגנה נגד ההפיכה המשטרית בקפלן

Netanyahu is dragging Israel to a civil war

12.07.23|Moshe Gorali
The greater war we are facing is not about reasonableness but about the democratic-liberal structure that forms the essence of our state
צומת הסירה יום השיבוש 11.7.2023

Day of Disruption: Nationwide protests in Israel against judicial overhaul

Demonstrators gather at key locations, including airports worldwide, to voice concerns over government's move to limit Supreme Court power
הפגנה מחאה רפורמה משפטית מפגינים ברחוב קפלן תל אביב

8 key takeaways from Israel’s massive protest movement against the judicial overhaul

17.04.23|Moshe Gorali
Moshe Gorali on what makes the protest movement powerful, its principles, how it expanded, and how Quentin Tarantino is connected
הפגנה מפגינים קפלן תל אביב 27.3.23

Israel government to delay disputed judiciary bill amid mass protests

It is unclear how far the bill's delay to next month's new parliamentary session, after mass protests and growing labor strikes, will satisfy either side or cool the crisis
יום השיבוש הלאומי הפגה מחאה הייטקיסטים הייטק הרצליה

Flying the coup: Following the money, employees leaving Israel too

09.03.23|Sophie Shulman
The closing of international development centers and the brain drain are the biggest threats to the economy in the long term
הפגנה מחאה עובדי הייטק בתל אביב נגד המהפכה המשפטית מחאת ההייטק

Over $1.5 billion transferred abroad from Israeli banks due to concerns of judicial coup

19.02.23|Sophie Shulman
In the money management industry, it is estimated that private clients have transferred billions of shekels from Israel in recent weeks. Together with the companies' transfers, the sum sits at approximately $3 billion
הפגנה נגד המהפכה המשפטית תל אביב

High-tech companies have already withdrawn $780 million from Israel as judicial coup fears mount

12.02.23|Sophie Shulman
An examination of dozens of public and private high-tech companies, whose aggregate value is $40 billion, also suggests that they are refraining from transferring a total amount reaching $2.2 billion into the country
הפגנה מחאה עובדי הייטק בתל אביב נגד המהפכה המשפטית מחאת ההייטק

"There is no future for high-tech in Israel the day after the judicial legislation is passed"

09.02.23|Meir Orbach, Yuval Azoulay, Shahar Ilan
"This is a war for our future," added Erez Shachar of Qumra Capital. Dozens of high-tech companies are expected to strike on Monday and hold protests during the votes in the law committee on the judicial coup
אסף רפפורט

Cybersecurity unicorn Wiz to withdraw funds from Israel

06.02.23|Meir Orbach
Wiz co-founders, including CEO Assaf Rappaport and VP Product Yinon Costica, are among the leaders of the protests organized by the high-tech sector against the judicial coup being pushed by the Netanyahu government
הפגנה עובדי הייטק ינואר 2023

High-tech employees stage one-hour work stoppage to protest judicial reform

24.01.23|Meir Orbach
"High-tech is not cut off from the state as they have said about us over the years. The state is important to us," said the leaders of the demonstration
הפגנה מחאה מפגינים בתל אביב נגד ההפיכה השלטונית 21 בינואר

Israeli startups to stage one-hour work stoppage to protest judicial reform

23.01.23|Meir Orbach
Redis, Natural Intelligence, HoneyBook and Forter are among the companies that have announced they will join a warning strike on Tuesday in protest of the legal reform