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הפגנה עובדי הייטק ינואר 2023

High-tech employees stage one-hour work stoppage to protest judicial reform

24.01.23|Meir Orbach
"High-tech is not cut off from the state as they have said about us over the years. The state is important to us," said the leaders of the demonstration
הפגנה מחאה מפגינים בתל אביב נגד ההפיכה השלטונית 21 בינואר

Israeli startups to stage one-hour work stoppage to protest judicial reform

23.01.23|Meir Orbach
Redis, Natural Intelligence, HoneyBook and Forter are among the companies that have announced they will join a warning strike on Tuesday in protest of the legal reform
מחאה הפגנה משבר כלכלי קורונה בכיכר רבין עצמאים חסימת צומת עזריאלי

Protesters detained as Israelis rally against PM's economic response to coronavirus

12.07.20|Itay Blumenthal, YNET
Police say at least 19 protesters were arrested following a mass rally in Tel Aviv over the government's response to economic woes brought on by Covid-19
בנימין נתניהו ראש הממשלה מסכה קורונה יוני 2020

Israel’s democracy is Covid-19’s latest victim

07.07.20|Yoel Esteron
Fatigued by battling a health and economic crisis, Israelis are too apathetic to fight for their democracy
מוסף שבועי 2.7.20 מפגין בסנט לואיס שורף את הדגל האמריקאי במחאה על מותו האלים של ג'ורג' פלויד

The fourth of July fireworks came early this year, loudly signaling a shift across the U.S.

04.07.20|Viki Auslander
The coronavirus crisis led to a craving for normalcy. The quick and painful realization that it is no longer achievable gave way to hopes of redesigning the current state of affairs to sustain a revolution
לשכת התעסוקה ב תל אביב אבטלה מובטלים דורשי עבודה מיתון

Outraged Owners Protest As Coronavirus Crisis Cripples Small Businesses

Rallies held in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa as protesters claim only 1,900 of 41,000 requests for loans made by small- and medium-sized businesses have been approved to date
הפגנה נגד גירוש עובדות זרות וילדיהן ב קרית הממשלה תל אביב

Morris Kahn, Yossi Vardi, Urge Netanyahu to Halt Deportation of Israel-Born Children of Migrant Workers

20.08.19|Omri Milman and Tofi Stoler
Since July, Israel has arrested dozens of migrant nursing workers whose visas have expired, along with their children who have been born and raised in the country. Last week, a mother and her 13-year-old son were deported to the Philippines despite their pending appeal
הפגנה אתיופים פתח תקווה

As Protests Subside, the Plight of Israel’s Ethiopian Community Is Only More Glaring

04.07.19|Lilach Baumer, Shachar Ilan, and Meir Orbach
Israel’s Ethiopian community took to the streets again on Wednesday afternoon to protest police violence, racial profiling, and discrimination
פגנת ה אתיופים ב קריית אתא

Israel Grinds to a Halt as Country’s Ethiopian Community Protests Police Violence

03.07.19|Lilach Baumer
A night of riots resulted in over a hundred cops and many protestors and bystanders injured and 136 protestors detained; damage was caused to private property, police cars, and ambulances
הפגנת חומת מגן לדמוקרטיה של סיעות האופוזיציה ברחבת מוזיאון תל אביב 2

Former Unit 8200 Directors Among Tech Leaders Protesting Planned Legislation in Israel

28.05.19|Meir Orbach and Tzally Greenberg
Pinhas Buchris and Ehud Schneorson, both former directors of Unit 8200, the Israeli military's equivalent of the NSA, are among the key figures signed on a letter of protest sent to Israeli lawmakers
הפגנת חומת מגן לדמוקרטיה של סיעות האופוזיציה ברחבת מוזיאון תל אביב 1

Tech Investor Yossi Vardi Joins Protest Against Bill Granting Immunity to Prime Minister Netanyahu

26.05.19|Tzally Greenberg
On Saturday, tens of thousands of people protested outside the Tel Aviv Museum of Art against a proposed bill that would grant Netanyahu immunity from possible indictment in three separate criminal cases
מצלמת גוף ל שוטרים משטרה

12,000 Israeli Police Officers to be Outfitted With Body Cameras

21.01.19|Lilach Baumer
Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said the cameras will supply the country’s police with the “ultimate evidence”
עצרת מחאה כיכר רבין להט"ב

80,000 Protesters Call for LGBT Rights in Tel Aviv

A new surrogacy law approved by the Israeli parliament last week provoked countrywide protest for failing to extend the right to use surrogacy to the country’s gay population
הפגנה וצעדת מחאה של קהילת הלהט״ב בעקבות חוק הפונדקאות 3

As LGBT Protest Sweeps Israel, Business Sector Rallies in Support

19.07.18|Lilach Baumer
On Wednesday, Israeli parliament approved a new surrogacy law that fails to extend the right to use surrogate mothers to the country’s gay population
הפגנת גולשים הרצליה

Hundreds of Israeli Surfers Protested Offshore Gas Development

Protest organisers say nearly 1000 people formed a record-breaking human circle off the shore of Herzliya, a city in central Israel
ליאו מסי ב מדי נבחרת ארגנטינה

Following Pressure From Palestinians, Argentina Cancels Friendly Soccer Match With Israel

06.06.18|Tofi Stoler
The game, originally scheduled to take place Saturday, sparked controversy when it was moved to Jerusalem
ליאו מסי ב מדי נבחרת ארגנטינה

Palestinian Soccer Official Slams Messi Ahead of Jerusalem Exhibition Game

04.06.18|Tofi Stoler
Argentinian soccer player Lionel Messi is scheduled to a play in a friendly game between Israel and his home country of Argentina this weekend in Jerusalem
חנות לממכר ביטקוין ב ת"א תל אביב

CTech’s Thursday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Watchdog tells Israeli prime minister and ministers they cannot buy cryptocurrencies. Israeli-made UAV dumps skunk-water on Gaza protesters.
עאהד תמימי

Israeli Lawmaker’s Twitter Account Suspended After Tweet Saying Palestinian Girl in Custody Should Have Been Shot

24.04.18|Omer Kabir and Tofi Stoler
Twitter suspended the account of right-wing Israeli lawmaker Bezalel Smotrich after he published a tweet saying a Palestinian 17-year old placed in custody for slapping and kicking Israeli soldiers should have been shot, “at least in her kneecap”