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מימין גסטין קדמן ו קריס קווילטי מ קווילטי אנאליטיקס ו אילי כהן מ מגמה

Space tech companies prefer SPACs over traditional IPOs

04.03.21|Yafit Ovadia
In 2020 alone, $25.6 billion were invested in 359 equity investment rounds, experts say the Israeli industry should be receiving a larger portion than it is
מימין מייקל סופרדיני שי לי שפיגלמן איתן סטיבה ענבל קרייס כנס חלל

“Israel is paving the way for private-public partnerships in space”

Panelists discuss the challenges and opportunities of private spaceflight during Israel Space Week
רן ליבנה

“Spacetech is a $500 billion industry,” says head of Ramon Foundation

26.01.21|Tomer Hadar
Ran Livne, head of the foundation, believes that the spacetech industry will triple over the next decade, as satellite companies plan to connect three billion people to the internet