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Corona-bot: See the rise of the robots in the Covid-19 era

12.11.20|CTech Service
Robots have had their moment to shine this year as they step in to be our waiters, cleaners, doctors, and delivery agents. Let’s see how humans are using them in the Covid-19 era.
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Swimming in cash: These socialist millionaires make robots to clean the pools of the world's wealthy

22.08.20|Diana Bahur-Nir
Maytronics, a pool cleaning robot company owned by a communal kibbutz, recently became one of the strongest companies on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
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"Understanding language is the next big challenge for AI,” says Amnon Shashua

10.07.20|Amir Ziv and Diana Bahur-Nir
The latest startup by Mobileye’s founder, AI21, is working to revolutionize written communication by creating artificial intelligence software that can understand and create written text
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Robo-journalists will not protect human rights and free speech, says media expert

05.06.20|Maayan Manela
AI is great at making connections and finding patterns but is weak when it comes to the high-level creativity humans are capable of, says researcher and author Noam Lemelshtrich Latar
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CTalk: How Mentalist Lior Suchard Uses Personal Assistant Robot Temi

CTech reporter Adi Pick spoke with Suchard, who is the chief brand officer of robot company Robo Temi, and with founder and CEO Yossi Wolf
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Auto Parts Company Denso Signs Collaboration Agreement With Robotics Startup Kitov

29.10.19|Hagar Ravet
Israel-based Kitov develops artificial intelligence-based solutions for visual inspection in industrial manufacturing
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Roboteam to Supply Robots to New Zealand Defense Force

27.05.19|Meir Orbach
Roboteam develops ground robotic systems for law enforcement and military use, such as handling of suspicious objects and dangerous materials and intelligence collection
Roboteam רובוט רובוטיקה TIGR

Israel’s Roboteam to Supply Robots to Italian Military Police

Roboteam develops ground robotic systems for law enforcement and military use, such as handling of suspicious objects and dangerous materials and intelligence collection
מערכת בקרת האיכות הרובוטית Kitov Systems

Automated Visual Inspection Startup Kitov Systems Raises $10M

10.10.18|Adi Pick
The Israel-based company’s software visually trains robots for inspection tasks
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Space Exploration Requires a New Space Rulebook

08.05.18|Dov Greenbaum
Existing international outer space treaties were formulated with only nation-states in mind, writes researcher Dov Greenbaum
רחפן אוטונומי של אירובוטיקס

Former Facebook Executive Joins Autonomous Drones Company Airobotics

25.04.18|Lilach Baumer
Richard Wooldridge, the former chief operating officer of Facebook's hardware division Building 8, was appointed as chief operating officer at Airobotics
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From Smart Crates to Friendbots, Here Comes the Robo Revolution

Powered by advances in AI and material design, automatons are taking on a bigger role in our lives
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The U.S. Can Not Do Away with North Korea's Nuclear Power, Says Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak

25.12.17|Omri Milman
North Korea’s Kim Jong-un will use nuclear ability to secure his hold on power, said Mr. Barak speaking at a Calcalist conference Monday
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Home Assistants May Lead the Way to Home Robots

10.07.17|Eze Vidra
Home assistants are here to stay, says Eze Vidra, Chief Innovation Officer at Antidote. The connected machines will become basic home appliances, replace our use of phones at home and might be the predecessors of home robots