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פרופ' שי דוידאי לאחר שנחסמה כניסתו ל אוניברסיטת קולומביה 22.4.24

"I prefer to be unemployed than continue working at a university with Hamas supporters"

24.04.24|Roni Dori
“I am very worried for the Jewish students. People are injecting terror into the campus,” says Prof. Shai Davidai, whose entrance to Columbia University was blocked amid the tumultuous anti-Israel demonstrations
שי סגל משקפי ויז'ן פרו של אפל

“We could very quickly find ourselves in a world where reality is controlled by tech corporations”

19.02.24|Roni Dori
Augmented reality is like magic that offers endless options. But for Apple, which recently launched the Vision Pro, this is just another avenue to extract more and more information from us. And if we are not careful, explains AR expert Shay Segal, "we could lose touch with reality"
מוסף שבועי 6.7.23 פרופ' צ'ארלס ברנר

"We won't get eternal life. Scientists who promise it are just selling BS"

16.07.23|Roni Dori
Forget about anti-aging treatments or drinking red wine. Prof. Charles Brenner bursts the balloon inflated by the booming longevity industry, and explains why there is no way to defeat death