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SVB סיליקון ואלי בנק קליפורניה 13.3.23

61% of founders considering moving to more ‘stable’ banks following SVB collapse

19.03.23|James Spiro
Most startup founders impacted by the SVB collapse don’t see their trust in the financial ecosystem easily repaired
ועידת Tech TLV מעין כהן מייסדת משותפת ומנכלית Hello Heart

Hello Heart CEO reveals how she saved her company with last-ditch withdrawal from SVB

12.03.23|Meir Orbach
Maayan Cohen said the company kept tens of millions of dollars in the bank after raising $70 million in a Series D in 2022 and taking its total funding to about $138 million
סיליקון ואלי בנק SVB

Bank tank: SVB debacle presents painful lessons for Israeli high-tech

12.03.23|Sophie Shulman
The American bank did not have to collapse, but poor communication plus an unfortunate choice of words resulted in 40 years of high-tech activity being erased in a flash
סיליקון ואלי בנק סניף במנלו פארק קליפורניה הבנק קרס SVB

LeumiTech helped Israeli startups move $1 billion out of SVB

12.03.23|Meir Orbach
Bank Leumi’s high-tech subsidiary said it would increase the amount of credit available to high-tech companies that have lost access to their credit lines and are desperate for liquidity following the SVB debacle
לקוחות בנק SVB מחוץ לסניף הבנק שנסגר בסנטה קלרה קליפורניה בסוף השבוע

Israeli startups scrambling after Silicon Valley Bank collapses

11.03.23|Sophie Shulman
Israeli venture capital funds held emergency discussions on Saturday to formulate measures to help Israeli startups who cannot withdraw money from their accounts
בנק סיליקון ואלי קליפורניה

Silicon Valley Bank crisis sends shockwaves through Israeli high-tech

10.03.23|Golan Hazani and Irit Avisar
SVB, which is considered to be one of the most prominent financiers of Israeli startups, saw its shares suffer their biggest one-day drop on record as they plummeted by more than 60% on Thursday and lost another 20% in after-hours trade
סמי בבקוב מנהל חטיבת ההשקעות בקבוצת הראל ביטוח ופוננסים

Harel to invest $65 million in Silicon Valley Bank’s $375 million fund

06.07.21|Golan Hazani
"We are adding a third leg to our technology investments through a connection with one of the largest entities in the high-tech world," said Sami Babkov, who manages the investment division of the Israeli insurance company
Yaron Yaniv 20MinuteLeaders

“I’m sitting right in the junction between engineering, business, and product and that’s my sweet spot”

Yaron Yaniv from the Silicon Valley Bank talks to Michael Matias about the digitalization and automation trend that’s taking over the banking sector and the challenges of finding solutions for tech companies of all sizes
מימין אילן טוויג ו אריאל כהן טריפאקשנס

TripActions Raises Debt Facility of Up to $500 Million

25.02.20|Meir Orbach
Backed by Silicon Valley Bank, Goldman Sachs, and Comerica, TripActions intends to offer companies a virtual credit card to cover employee travel expenses
תומר בר זאב מנכל איירון סורס

Court Approves $150 Million Dividends Payment by Monetization Company IronSource

09.05.18|Meir Orbach
Originally a downloads optimization software developer, IronSource shifted its focus to rewarded ads following a series of acquisitions between 2013 and 2016