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Is your feed filled with junk? Blame it on the algorithm

28.05.24|Omer Kabir
Social networks are trying to increase revenue by tweaking their settings. The result: more junk content and problematic ratings. The solution: algorithm-free platforms, such as WhatsApp.
פייטון מרקוס

OpenWeb appoints Peyton Marcus as Chief Operating Officer

The media industry veteran will help the company fight toxicity online, scale operations
טלפון גלישה רשתות חברתיות

Got a New Like on Facebook? It May Be Your Friendly Neighborhood Tax Investigator

02.08.19|Gad Lior
The Israeli Tax Authority has recently started tracking tax-evading businesses using social networks. The incriminating data, it turns out, it right at their fingertips
עובד מבוגר פנסיונר מחשב

Support Network Startup Wisdo Partners With Duke University

Founded in 2015 by Boaz Gaon and Ido Jonathan Engel, Israel-based Wisdo matches users with similar life experiences and struggles to create support communities and connections
ינון לנדנברג

Spying-as-Parenting App Bosco Raises $4 Million

Bosco’s mobile app monitors a child’s smartphone activity and alerts parents to signs that may indicate distress, including interactions on social media, changes in the child’s daily routine, and even the child’s tone during phone calls
עמית שפריר מנכ"ל וממייסדי Quiv

Facebook Can Still Grow by Connecting People to Who They Need to Know

26.03.18|Amit Shafrir
Entrepreneur and former AOL executive Amit Shafrir thinks the biggest challenge for the social network is to figure out what people need, not what they think they want
מימין אלכס קוגן דניאל פלד אריה כץ ו עדן לנדאו ממייסדי PayKe

SBI Group Backs Social Banking App PayKey

22.10.17|Meir Orbach
Targeting the millennial market, PayKey enables banks to provide customers with mobile financial services using social applications