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בראשית נחיתה ירח

Beresheet 2 lunar mission loses chief donors due to economic and social situation in Israel

The group of donors that invested $45 million in the Beresheet 2 mission announced that they will stop further funding. They will continue to support the educational activities of the SpaceIL organization
שיגור לווין אופק 13

New eye in the sky: Israel launches newest Ofek spy satellite

29.03.23|Reuters, CTech
The latest-generation of the Israeli spy satellite will enhance round-the-clock monitoring and enable intelligence collection in any weather regardless of visibility conditions

Israel’s first space telescope to be launched by NASA in 2026

ULTRASAT, an ultraviolet observatory led by the Israel Space Agency and Weizmann Institute of Science, will investigate the secrets of short-duration events in the universe, such as supernova explosions and mergers of neutron stars
קרן הון סיכון  Earth & Beyond Ventures EBV

New fund to invest $125 million in Israeli deeptech and space startups

09.02.23|Meir Orbach
Earth & Beyond Ventures, which will focus on investments in early-stage companies, is backed by the likes of Corning, Kyocera, Samtec, and Spacecom
כנס GeoInt 360 שלומי סודרי מנכ”ל התעשייה האווירית

"Israel is at the cutting edge of technology in space"

10.11.22|Maayan Manela
Speaking at the Ramon GeoInt 360 conference, IAI’s space program director Shlomi Sudari presented existing and future capabilities. "We want to make the vision of knowing everything, exactly where everyone is at any time, a reality"
כנס GeoInt 360 נועם סגל מנכ”ל ISI

Where is the satellite intelligence industry heading next?

10.11.22|Maayan Manela
Noam Segal, CEO of ImageSat International, explained the reasons for the slow development of the satellite intelligence industry
כנס GeoInt 360 תא”ל ארז אסקל מפקד יחידה 9900

Unit 9900 Commander: "The Fortnite players of today are the soldiers of the future”

09.11.22|Irad Atzmon Schmayer
“We want to receive information simply, using tools similar to Waze, Google Maps and 'Fortnite,” Brigadier General Erez Askal said at the Ramon GeoInt360 conference, “It's not just a strategy and a vision, we're already halfway there"
כנס GeoInt 360 פאנל האקוסיסטם של GeoInt מנקודת מבט לאומית

“We are building Satellite as a Service, a system that will give additional users access to space”

09.11.22|Irad Atzmon Schmayer
Avi Berger, head of the Defense Ministry's Etgar Directorate, was speaking at the Ramon GeoInt360 conference in Tel Aviv
Tuvia Barak

The Israeli startup developing next-gen satellite communication systems

27.09.22|James Spiro
Scorpio Space recently raised $3 million in funding after successfully completing a trial of its prototype product
תחנת חלל מסחרית אקסיום ספייס Axiom Space 3

Israel’s space race has an IP issue that needs its own exploration

02.09.22|Dov Greenbaum
“If you want to develop AI-mediated space technologies and you want to be safe from the nuisance of IP infringement lawsuits, maybe consider developing and launching it from Israel,” writes Dov Greenbaum.
אדמת הירח

Race back to space: Nations want a piece of the moon pie

19.08.22|Dov Greenbaum
With the upcoming launch of NASA's Artemis rocket, which involves Israel too, Prof. Dov Greenbaum explores the latest legal space battles
The Jetsons Astro and Rosy

Re-meet George Jetson: Innovation inspiration goes back to the future

05.08.22|Dov Greenbaum
According to fans of the futuristic cartoon series, The Jetsons' patriarch, George would have been born in 2022. To mark the occasion, Reichman University's Prof. Dov Greenbaum examines the innovation the show predicted and promoted
igal kronhaus and andy pearlman

More than rocket science: Space Plasmatics aims to power green rockets in space

27.06.22|Yafit Ovadia
The space tech startup is developing electric rockets “for the tiniest spacecraft you can imagine,” says CEO
noemie alliel

“People are starting to see space as a place to travel to, invest in, it’s no longer futuristic”

19.06.22|Yafit Ovadia
Starburst Aerospace has big plans for the future: Investing in Israel’s “next SpaceX” and other promising startups to pave way for the future, says Israel Managing Director Noemie Alliel
ויליאם שטנר

Rapyd launches Hack the Galaxy challenge; winners to receive trip to the edge of space

07.06.22|Meir Orbach
Challenges will be posted in the Rapyd Developer Community every week through October 3, with each solution to reveal a password unlocking an entry to win tickets to the edge of space aboard the Space Perspective Spaceship Neptune
astra starburst

Starburst announces ASTRA accelerator to power next-generation of space tech startups

23.05.22|Yafit Ovadia
The aerospace accelerator will guide three space tech startups, and help them launch go-to-market products with the aim of turning Israel into the Spacetech Nation
כנס ספייס טק

“Space tech is on the launchpad of exponential growth”

16.05.22|Yafit Ovadia
“We want to create a sustainable space economy for both life on Earth and beyond,” said TYPE5 co-founder Einat Berkovitch during SpaceTech Summit
שרת החדשנות והמדע אורית פרקש הכהן הדמיה של הלוויין הישראלי עמוס 8

Israel to invest NIS 600 million in spacetech R&D

15.05.22|Meir Orbach
The Israel Space Agency and Innovation Authority want to double the number of companies and employees in space tech, plan to launch a research satellite, and attract more high school students
לווין של טרה ספייס לאב בע"מ

The tiny satellites detecting and helping put out wildfires

13.05.22|Yafit Ovadia
Using its remote sensing Earth Observation technology, Terra Space Lab is working to detect fires before they explode. “We want to detect environmental events, and enable people to do something about them right away,” says CEO