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טילי ספייק רפאל

Israel’s Rafael announces $200 million weapons deal

24.12.20|Udi Etsion
The destination for anti-tank missiles and guided bombs is reportedly India, which has faced border clashes with Pakistan and China
טילי ספייק של רפאל בייצור של יורוספייק

Rafael Signs €108 Million Spike Missile Deal With the Latvian Military

14.02.18|Amarelle Wenkert
A 2016, $500 million Spike missile deal with India is back on the drawing board after it was retracted, then reinstated by the Indian government in January
בנימין נתניהו ראש ממשלת הודו נרנדה מודי בשדה התעופה של מומביי

India and Israel $500 Million Missile Deal “Back On the Table,” Says Israeli Prime Minister

18.01.18|Amarelle Wenkert and Itamar Eichner
During his state visit to India, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that a deal for the purchase of Israeli anti-tank missiles has been revived. Signed in 2016 the deal was retracted by the Indian government earlier this month