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אלן דאבקין אלן דובקין

“The record activity of 2021 will be difficult to repeat”

09.05.22|Golan Hazani
Alain Dobkin, Israel Country head for investment bank Stifel, is bullish on the local market. "The markets here have matured significantly and I believe Israel is well-positioned to continue with its success on the global stage"
רונלד קרוז'בסקי

The Markets Realized the Coronavirus Is Another SARS and Moved On, Says Stifel CEO

24.02.20|Sophie Schulman and Golan Hazani
Ronald Kruszewski, CEO of American investment bank Stifel, believes that a democratic president threatens the U.S. stock market a lot more than the coronavirus
אלן דאבקין בנק סטיפל

Investment Bank Stifel Financial Opens First Branch in Israel

12.12.19|Golan Hazani
The NYSE-listed bank chose Alain Dobkin, a veteran banker with two decades of Israeli and international experience in M&A deals, as the general director of its new local branch
מנכל OurCrowd ג'ון מדבד בכנס Global Investor Summit בירושלים 2018

Investment Banking Firm Stifel Partners With Crowdfunding Company OurCrowd

16.10.19|Meir Orbach
OurCrowd will offer Stifel’s clients curated access to venture capital funds and individual portfolio companies