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מייסדי Stoa תום סלע אור אגסי

Proptech startup Stoa slashes workforce after raising $300 million, uncertain future ahead

20.07.23|Allon Sinai
The company cut its workforce by 80% from around 100 employees to just 20 and said that “there are several deals on the table that the company is considering”
מייסדי Stoa תום סלע אור אגסי

Stoa raises $136 million for its iBuyer platform

The FlipOS platform uses artificial intelligence to provide real estate investors with tools to fund, fix and sell their property
חברת Stoa מימין תום סלע סמנכ״ל תפעול יונתן סרגוסי סמנכ"ל טכנולוגיה אור אגסי מנכ"ל

Stoa Raises $60 Million in Credit, $4 Million in Equity

27.01.20|Meir Orbach
The Tel Aviv-based startup develops a unified service for U.S. renovators, subcontractors, and buyers