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איירון סורס הנפקה

Unicorn troubles: How to convince tech talent to stay

30.01.22|Maayan Manela
While IPOs or lofty valuations may seem like a reason to party, they’re also a turning point as some employees are realizing their options’ value may decrease, and prefer to work elsewhere
כסף מחשבון

Israel to Fully Tax IPO or Exit-Dependent Employee Options, in Some Cases

18.12.18|Omri Milman
The Israeli tax authority now considers such options income, meaning employees could pay an income tax of up to 50% on options exercised instead of a capital gains tax of 25%
Zachi Zach צחי זך

Four Mistakes You Should Avoid When Issuing Employee Options

22.10.18|Zachi Zach
Lawyer and entrepreneur Zachi Zach outlines the most common mistakes companies make when issuing options as benefits to employees and service providers during cash-strapped times
קובי אלכסנדר משתחרר מה כלא

Convicted Comverse CEO Kobi Alexander Released From Israeli Jail

27.03.18|Tomer Ganon
Mr. Alexander, who was serving a prison sentence in the U.S. for fraud charges, transferred to an Israeli prison earlier this month, where a third of his sentence was commuted for good behavior