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סופר בול 2019

Israeli tech unicorns are coming to the Super Bowl

02.02.22|Sophie Shulman and will advertise during the NFL sporting celebration, with each ad costing an estimated $5 million to air
טום בריידי עם גביע וינס לומברדי סופרבול 2021

Meet the Israeli AR startup that made it to the Super Bowl

08.02.21|Allon Sinai provides an extensive suite of seamless AR content creation solutions, used among others by American singing and acting star Nick Jonas in his Super Bowl ad
הדוגמנית קרלי קלוס היא פרזנטורית של ויקס

Website Building Company Wix Repurposes Four-Month Old Ad for Super Bowl

03.02.19|Tofi Stoler
The 30-second spot was edited on the night between Friday and Saturday after a last-minute ad agreement to air during Sunday’s annual championship game was signed
הדוגמנית קרלי קלוס היא פרזנטורית של ויקס

In a Last Minute Reversal, Wix Decides to Run Ad during the Super Bowl

The website maker announced it would air a 30-second spot featuring YouTube stars Rhett & Link.
הדוגמנית קרלי קלוס היא פרזנטורית של ויקס

Pivoting to Digital Advertising, Wix to Skip Super Bowl

05.12.17|Asaf Shalev
Wix is spending more on marketing but its target audiences are more effectively reached online