Tech in the South

5 stories about Tech in the South
Kenaf Avishay

“We had to stop some of the activities because our colleagues were murdered in Kfar Gaza”

Kenaf Ventures has joined CTech to discuss how the 7/10 massacre has affected its business in Israel’s southern region.
Igal Copterpix

Here’s how CopterPIX relocated north with the help of the IDF

The drone manufacturing company needed to move north following the Hamas massacre on October 7.
Fungit Team

How can Southern Israeli companies recover from 7/10?

Fungit Biosolutions is located in the Arab Bedouin city of Rahat - and yet its offices have been evacuated due to the ongoing security threat of being so close to Gaza’s border.
Ron Akol

AKOLogic: “We felt that everything stopped for us in the first weeks”

The Sderot-based company has joined CTech to share how it has remained resilient in the days following 7/10
DeserTech Africa

Tech in the South: “The area will overcome”

17.12.23|James Spiro
Many companies located in Israel’s southern region do not enjoy the benefits of others who can work remotely or in different regions due to the type of technology they develop, causing problems for supply chains and research.