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יונתן קולבר, מנהל שותף של ION מפעל טבע בכפר סבא

$300 million Teva bet: Will Norway's wealth fund and ION regret investing in the pharma giant?

11.09.23|Almog Azar
ION, which manages investments for the Norwegian wealth fund, began a buying spree of Teva shares at the beginning of the year
ריצ'רד פרנסיס מנכ"ל טבע החדש על רקע  אתר חברת טבע בכפר סבא

Teva profit plummets, stock slides

Teva plans to unveil a new strategy next week which CEO Francis said would "build on Teva's strong foundations, key strengths, and sets the stage for long-term growth"
מנכל טבע ריצ'רד פרנסיס

Teva names Richard Francis as new CEO after Kåre Schultz departure

Francis is the former CEO of Sandoz and was also a senior executive at Biogen for 13 years
קור שולץ מנכ"ל חברת טבע תרופות 23.8.20

Why are investors so pleased about Teva's $4.35 billion opioid settlement?

27.07.22|Sophie Shulman
The settlement removes the cloud of uncertainty that hovered over Teva, which on the one hand prevented investors from placing trust in its stock, while on the other hand also prevented Teva management from making substantial moves
חוגו חדש חברת תרופות טבע

Teva reaches $4.35 billion settlement in U.S. opioid lawsuits, shares surge

27.07.22|Sophie Shulman and Reuters
Teva is set to pay state and local governments up to $3.7 billion in cash over 13 years plus a contribution of $1.2 billion worth of the opioid overdose reversal drug naloxone
אסף ברנע 2

Ichilov Hospital and Sanara Ventures to join forces to promote innovation in neurology

The investment platform will invest in the hospital’s innovative technologies, giving it the opportunity to identify early-stage startups in the fields of neurology, digital health
שואה זיכרון יום השואה אושוויץ

Holocaust memorial event March of the Living goes virtual because of Covid-19

In honor of Holocaust Memorial Day, the annual march to former Auschwitz concentration camp to commemorate survivors will be hosted in an online format, feature U.S. coronavirus czar Dr. Anthony Fauci, Pfizer CEO
אלון נתנזון

Israeli startup MyHomeDoc receives FDA approval for smartphone-based telemedicine

The MyHomeDoc device is capable of testing the most common vital signs for primary medical care and all from a smartphone
פגישה וידאו עבודה מהבית

People learn more about a workplace in the hallways than in interviews

15.03.21|Maayan Manela
During a year of working remotely, many companies were forced to improve their recruitment process through apps, video interviews, and built-in digital questionnaires, which have forever changed the way companies sort through candidates
מגזין מנהלים 25.12.17 אני לא מסתנוור גיל שוויד

With the cloud blocking its horizon, Check Point is facing its moment of truth

11.03.21|Sophie Shulman
Under Gil Shwed's conservative leadership, the Israeli cybersecurity giant didn't capitalize fast enough on the cloud, leaving it to face some hard decisions
מפעל טבע טק נאות חובב פיטורים

Teva in talks with Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers to co-produce shots

10.02.21|Reuters and CTech
"We are positive towards contributing by manufacturing some of those vaccines that either have been approved or are just about to be approved," said CEO
קור שולץ מנכ"ל חברת טבע תרופות 23.8.20

Teva beats analysts predictions with increased revenues from growth drivers

10.02.21|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli pharmaceutical company concluded the quarter with $4.5 billion in revenues, bringing it to a total of $16.6 billion for 2020
תור למתן חיסון נגד קורונה 1

These are the key ingredients of Israel's rapid Covid-19 vaccine rollout recipe

Two weeks into its vaccination drive, Israel has reached nearly 15% of the population by paying premium prices, relying on universal healthcare, and minimizing waste
Aviel Blumenfeld IMedis

Israel-based IMedis receives CE approval for radiology scans in EU

03.01.21|James Spiro
The company operates as part of Teva and Philips’ investment platform, Sanara Ventures
אהרון אהרון מנכ'ל רשות החדשנות 30.9.20

Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck, and Teva win tender for new Israeli Innovation Lab

27.12.20|James Spiro
The lab, which is set to research digital health and computational biology, has a government budget of $9.9 million
עבודה מהבית אמא אם עובדת עבודה מרחוק

Who is planning the biggest IPO in Israeli history and which company raised $32 million?

CTech Daily Roundup: Israeli cybersecurity company ReSec raises $4 million in series A
אתר טבע כפר סבא

Teva holds Bio-Mix competition to inspire innovative health solutions

09.11.20|Yafit Ovadia
Winning prize goes to student at Tel Aviv University who developed a way to digitally treat hearing problems
חברות טכנולוגיה גוגל פייסבוק אפל אמזון

Who is going to stop FANMAG stocks and what is holding back Teva?

CTech Daily Roundup: Indian Ambassador says strategic partnership with Israel is crucial to coping with fundamental disruptions.