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CTalk: Drones Are Needed to Keep Up With Fruit Picking, Says Tevel Chairman

Eyal Deshe, Chairman of fruit-picking drone developer Tevel, spoke with CTech reporter Adi Pick Wednesday at Calcalist's Industry and Economy conference in Tel Aviv
מוסף שבועי 17.10.19 איל דשא רחפן שקוטף תפוחים

The Apple Doesn't Fall

25.10.19|Sophie Shulman
After his brother died, Israeli businessman and former Teva executive Eyal Deshe stepped up to lead his apple-picking drone startup, and discovered the joy of being a hungry entrepreneur
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From Apple Picking to Security Details: 6 Israeli Companies Developing Specialized Drones

30.07.19|Adi Pick
The potential for drones does not end with taking elaborate selfies, as the UAVs can be used for an array of tasks, in fields as versatile as security, agriculture, retail, and last-mile deliveries
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This Drone Will Stop Fruit Growers From Going Bananas

08.03.19|Adi Pick
Tevel’s drones have a mechanical claw designed for picking, thinning, and pruning tasks in orchards